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Thread: I don't like the cloth-feeling diapers - yuckie

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    Smile I don't like the cloth-feeling diapers - yuckie

    I wish I could find diapers that are like the old Pampers or Luvs - even Huggies. I don't like the newer cloth feeling type. I love to hear the crinkle and have people kindof stare back at me in stores and the mall when I walk by. I am more of a classic baby (is there such a thing?)... I remember when they had the one tape disposables - and the plastic pants from the 1960's. Where I grew up - was a test market for Pampers - in the early 1960's. I remember being so proud of my plastic pants too. My favorite was polka-dots...

    is there any other babies that don't like the new cloth like outer cover...

    yuck yuck yuck...

    Silly Baby Boy...

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    Butterfly Mage


    I greatly prefer the plastic-backed diapers. The Attends Waistband diapers are not only very plastic, but are crinkly as well. I do wear the cloth-like version of Attends to work for practical reasons (less noise, and can be refastened easily). But in the evenings and days off, I like to wear the traditional plastic-backed diapers.

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    I've tried them, and subsequently avoided them, especially after having to shampoo the drivers seat of several vehicles after wearing them, as well has having to change my street clothes. I simply cant tell when its time to change with em.
    Item number 2, they chafe my thighs, ALOT. and have had to deal with lots of rashes due to this
    Item number 3, if, after surviving number 1 and 2, the damned things almost invariably fail right in the seat, leaving either a trail of wet stuffing behind me, or a wet seat.

    If i end up having to go to the cloth like disposables, I might as well go all the way to cloth, which is the direction i'm going anyways for the most part

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't think I could ever wear actual cloth diapers. One of the aspects of modern disposable diapers is the SAP that turns urine into a gel and pulls urine away from one's skin. This makes the wearer feel drier and less irritated. Also, there have been times when I have had to change my diaper at work (in the restroom, of course). That would not be an option with cloth. Then there is the laundry problem. And then there's the fact that cloth diapers aren't all that absorbent.

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    there have been lots of improvements in that department too over the years, PUL, polyester inner facing that wicks moisture away from skin, elastic leg bands that hold up as well as disposables, really thirsty microfiber etc

    as ar as my plans go, as long as I can get plastic backed displosables, I have no plans on bringing cloth diapers to work (well, maybe one for the occasional late afternoon changing)

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    The newer cloth diapers are not as "hugging" They are polyester rather than cotton. But I still prefer them over disposable. I wear cloth as much as possible but when travelling I have to use Wellness brief or 24/7. Attends do not hold enough but are good for short runs. Abena M4 preferred for "no Look" times when diaper must not be obvious.

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    I actually find cloth-backed diapers incredibly cute, and more 'babyish', possibly because I grew up with them being cloth-backed. Plastic-backed diapers are nice, but they don't say 'baby' to me the way that cloth-backed ones do.

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    I like the cloth backed diapers when it's hot outside and they do breathe better. Also I don't sweat as much when I'm wearing outside and not wearing plastic pants over them.

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    I'm sorta divided on this issue. I'm not that old, and remember growing up when disposable diapers were nearly all plastic-backed. Therefore I prefer plastic-backed diapers. However, as some have mentioned, the cloth-like backing does have a couple advantages. You can refasten them more times than you can with plastic-backed. They do breath better on warmer days than plastic-backed. However, cloth-like backing doesn't seem to do as good of a job of containment as plastic-backed. Cloth-like diapers tend to seep after a while.

    However, for my answer in the poll I said I didn't like the cloth-like. Although I see certain advantages to them, I still prefer plastic-backed diapers.

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