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    At times i don't feel accepting of my ABDl side i love my adult diapers and i love wearing them they make me feel safe and happy and i use my binkie from time to time then i feel bad feel wrong does anyone here know why that is?

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    Binge and purge cycle?

    It's common for us to feel guilty about this because of the stigma against diapers. It's not considered normal so lot of us wonder "what is wrong with me? Why do I do this?" Plus some of us have tried giving it up and the desires would never go away, for some it would cause them problems like depression or effect how they function in life like at work. I am sure there have been some who successfully gave it up and never went back to it again and just left the desires buried at the back of their head like I did for a few years growing up. Then I decided to get diapers since I had my own money and could drive. But I did go to the websites for all those years.

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    It really all comes down to two things 1) First, acceptance 2) Balance. Don't let it run your life.

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