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    How did you go about meeting each other? Did one of you get into it after your partner told you about it? I could not imagine just randomly meeting someone who was also into this fetish.

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    My wife is into diapersex now, and loves it! She won't wear yet, and won't change me, but will diaper me. We knew each other in high school and college, and remet a while ago. I can't imagine just bumping into someone, let alone a lady, who was already into it.

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    For us, it wasn't 'random'. We met on ADISC. I don't really see that it'd be very likely to just meet somebody IRL, go on a date, and then find out they like the same fetish you do.

    I came on here originally because the site allowed <18s, I was curious about ageplay (although, originally I didn't know it was called that) and had been using 'baby' things for a little while. She was very supportive in a thread I made (which has since been deleted after the teen forum was purged), where I'd come out to my mother and been rejected. So we moved to PM, and then Facebook. After a few weeks we became each other's 'Mommy' and then, we both acknowledged a mutual attraction. But as I told her at the time, I wasn't ready for a relationship then. However, after about 3 months, we eventually decided that neither of us was interested in pursuing anybody else, we talked to one another like a couple already...might as well make it official. And so, I ended up with my first girlfriend.

    As for whether one of us introduced the other, I'd say she slightly introduced me to some things. Wearing and using diapers was something she introduced me to. The idea of having a Mommy was, too. I never imagined having a Mommy before then; I thought I'd have a Daddy, even before I knew what 'ageplay' was: I remember searching for a man who could look after me and be my 'Daddy' way before I joined ADISC.

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    my girlfriend is into it to a degree. she knew nothing of any sort of diaper fetish (though I have always hesitated to call it a fetish, and I don’t believe thats an accurate description for either of us) before we came into each others lives. but the wearing of diapers came up rather naturally in conversation early on in our relationship. I don’t remember how it came up exactly, but I know I made no effort to bring it up. she mentioned that she had thought about trying them for practical purposes during long bus rides back home. (she hates getting off the bus at stops for a number of reasons besides having to use public restrooms) but never did because she didn’t know what to get or where to get it. so I said that I had thought about trying them myself. so we went looked together online for war shed like and we tried them together. not that I wasn’t already more than familiar and it just went from there, gradually. she doesn’t wear all the time, and she prefers pull ups or tena slips far more than any thicker or abdl diaper, even if not as cute, simply because she finds them more comfortable to actually wear and use.

    you don’t necessarily have to meet someone who is already into diapers to have them be a part of your relationship together, you just need someone opened minded, loving and trusting enough. I never would have guessed she would like diapers in any fashion when we first met but once you get to know somebody deeper, you learn a lot about them, and likewise, each other. from there, a lot of things are possible.

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    My husband and I met at Dailydiapers. He rarely wears and only enjoys them if I put them on him. But he keeps me in them.

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    My girlfriend and myself have been friends for many years. A few years ago, we took our friendship to the next level. It was during this time, that we discussed our sexual interests, and fantasies. When I opened up, she said she wasn't surprised at all..and thought it was cute. Now, over 2 years later..she and I spend 80% of our time as responsible...productive adults...and every night as "mommy and baby". She gives me a bath, diapers me, and makes me a baba every night. I sleep with a teddybear and a nuk pacifier (the second one that she bought for me...a froggy one this time). The relationship doesn't revolve around my little side, but it's a part of it. Just as her interests are a part of our lives. The long and short of that you need to have an honesty with the other person. Can't say that it works all the time (i've had failed relationships in the past...and my diapers were a direct cause). However, being honest is never a bad thing in relationships. Just my 2 cents worth..and can speak with experience. Hope that it helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manhattanKSguy View Post
    How did you go about meeting each other? Did one of you get into it after your partner told you about it? I could not imagine just randomly meeting someone who was also into this fetish.
    My husband and I met on diaperspace. Despite the MANY shortcomings on that site, I would never have met him otherwise.

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    i was with her for about 2 years before i told her. she was vanilla. she was really great about it. she changed me a few times. and then i got her wearing

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    my girlfriend got into it after i told her about my fetish. Now we both actively participate in it

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    My ex girlfriend and I were high school sweethearts. I told her after she found some of my stash. She was cool with it but we drifted apart after she went to college in Virginia.

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