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Thread: Anyone excited for NFL playoffs?

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    Default Anyone excited for NFL playoffs?

    Finally, the playoffs are here! My team's not in the running, but I'm still pretty pumped. Anyone else going to be watching this weekend?

    My picks (not necessarily what I want to happen, but what I think will happen):

    Houston over Cincinnati
    Green Bay over Minnesota
    Indianapolis over Baltimore
    Seattle over Washington

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    My picks are

    Boring over boring (who the hell cares about texans and bengals)
    Collapsed roof (vikings) over Rodger's clearly thinks he has enough super bowl rings (Packers)
    Wackko Flacco (Ravens) over boring (Colts)
    Where the fuck did the (seahawks) come from over RG3 was over hyped (redskins)

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    Don't care too much about this week, mostly want to see the Patriots lose next week. Also go Broncos, I guess.

    I prefer Indianapolis to win so we get Colts - Broncos next week, don't care about Green Bay - Minnesota or Houston - Cincinnati.

    I guess I also want to see the Seahawks take down the most racist team in North American pro sports. I mean, when you make the "Indians" seem sensitive...

    Edit: never-mind, the NFL and their stupid re-seeding rule. So, I want the Texans to win over the Bengals so we can have Colts - Broncos next week.
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    No, I could care less. My mom cares more about football then I do. Something about the bears did nto make it cuz vickings won idk

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    Default Anyone excited for NFL playoffs?

    My partner likes football more than me.

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    Default Anyone excited for NFL playoffs?

    So the Texas won. Now Indianapolis wins and we get Bronco - Colts next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CutePrincess View Post
    No, I could care less.
    I could care less about you not properly using I Couldn't care less.

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    opps, sorry ^^ you are right I meant to say I Couldn't care less.

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    Default Re: Anyone excited for NFL playoffs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    So the Texas won. Now Indianapolis wins and we get Bronco - Colts next week.
    That will be a huge storyline. Probably just the Manning vs Luck by itself. Even though Manning will slaughter the Colt defense, Luck will be unfazed and remain competitive throughout. Sadly I think this one will be won by Peyton by at least 14 points.

    I will be shocked if it turns the other way.

    It would also be interesting to see GB vs Seattle. The replacement refs that blew the end of the last meeting made this an instant rivalry. If we do see that game, Seattle will win again.

    Russell Wilson is way better than he was in that game, and he also should earn rookie of the year. Wilson definately earns an arguement... Luck is overhyped for getting the Colts to the playoffs. The storyline about Pagano just brought it over the top. The Colts already had a good team, last year the players knew they had no chance and they showed it. Luck is no Manning but hey, Arizona would be great with a decent QB too.

    RG3 should be in the race with Wilson. Luck has more turnovers than both of these combined probably.

    This was the best QB class since '83. Marino, Elway, and Kelly. But this class has shattered records. These guys should definately bring a lot of great games for years to come...that's if the NFL doesn't start making the players where flags (not really, but the new rules are making the game worse.)

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