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    While I love the Euron Super-Plus that I've been buying for a while, I also have to self-catheter and this makes using taped all-in-ones somewhat impractical. But I still need something more absorbent than my free NHS pads when I go to the pub. So I decided to try Tena Flex Maxi and I bought a couple of packs this week, and last night they got a good workout.

    I've tried Euron's equivalent before but found them uncomfortable because the velcro fasteners are too wide so they rub the skin. This is not the case with the Tena ones; the velcro is narrower than the belt so it doesn't make contact with skin at all.

    They are cloth-backed and very soft and silent to wear, very easy and quick to put on even standing up without leaning on a wall or anything.

    Absorbency-wise, they hold a lot; as much as the Eurons without leaking, and the velcro holds up well even when full.

    Using the catheter with them was very easy; I only needed to unfasten one side and I could do it through the fly of my jeans without taking them down, which I can't do with the pads (because of the mesh pants over them).

    The only drawback I found is that they sag more than all-in-ones when full, and because there's nothing around the sides, I don't think I would dare wear them at night.

    Overall, a big success and just about perfect for me.

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    I havent tried them in a good while and still have some old ones in the closet, for backup
    Cloth just not my thing

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    I actually did wear one last night, and it held up surprisingly well. Woke up wet, no leaks.

    I don't mind that it's cloth-backed; as far as cloth-backed nappies go this one is easily the best. Better even than Molicare. Not a hint of seepage.

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    despite them seeming to be designed more the female anatomy (with a low front pad), i like 'em.......worn back-to-front.
    of course, i also wear a multi-layered pull-up towelling nappy or trainer pant over them as, when worn backwards, they don't fully cover your rear and worry about leaks at the back. so far, though, that hasn't really been a problem under reasonable wetnesses.

    (btw, i tried getting some more at xmas, but the local stockist only had the 'super'. got just the one left)

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    They are pretty low in the front but I have female anatomy anyway so that's not a problem for me.

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