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Thread: Racial Jokes and Words

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    Default Racial Jokes and Words

    Recently someone mentioned a post where someone told a joke about a black person... and it was a negative joke.

    Another couple people said that it was alright because the person was black themself, but does that really make it okay?

    It all depends on the person, and how they've been brought up, I'd imagine. I don't mind a racial joke here or there, in fact, I've told them myself.

    But what about racial words?

    A black person can call another black person a nigger, but what if I did? I'm clearly white. Would a black person be offended if I went up to them and said, "Yo, whaddup nigga?" Are you offended that I've typed the word nigger so many times in my post already?

    What if I go up to a french person and tell them that they're fucking nasty, rude, and they smell bad. Is that alright? So what if I say it in a joking way? Does that make it okay?

    I don't like a few things.

    1) Its okay for a person of that race to say racial things, but it's not okay for someone of another race.

    • A black person saying 'Whaddup, Nigga' and a white person saying it.
    • A girl calling another girl a bitch, then a male calling that same girl a bitch.
    • A fat person calling another fat person fatass, then a skinny person saying it.

    Some of those aren't exactly racial, but they are prejudice (in a way).


    2) Racial jokes.

    Now for this one. Like I said, I've know, and actually enjoy quite a few racial jokes. I don't mind telling them, but at the same time, you have to be aware of the audience you're telling them too. I know my friends enjoy them, but when I'm in a crowded classroom with all races, and I tell a joke about the curry smelling indians, and there is an indian girl who I don't know next to me, I should be aware that she may be offended, and hold my tongue.


    For me, I think the whole issue about words, who says them, and jokes and whatever else, is the intent behind it.

    If you say it in good fun, then it's alright, but when you use it to degrade a person, or attack them, then there is an issue, clearly. But how can one group of people get mad that others still refer to them in one way, either by using words or negative stereotypes, when they use them constantly, or joke about them?

    Umm my thoughts in this post are a bit jumbled (Mostly because I'm watching ANTM) but what are your thoughts on all of this?

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    I am not going to touch this one with a 50 foot pole.

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    It a very touchy subject indeed. It all depends where someone draw the line at and if they know if your joking or not, because for example, I can say nigga in front of my black friends because they know that I'm just joking and that I call most of my friend, black or white, nigga because it just a word to us, but I'm smart enough to know that if I say that to someone who didn't know I was joking, I probably get my ass kick or something on the line like that. So it basically come down to common sense when using those word.

    Another example that I thought up was this. I'm pretty sure that their people saying "That We got a nigga in the house" referring to Obama becoming President. This has two means to it. The first meaning is that people might be proud to have a black person in office so they might said that in referred to it but the second meaning is that people might hate having a black person in office so they might uses that as a hateful way to expires their feelings.

    Like I said, it come down to common sense on how you uses the word and who you say it too.
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    I hate White people........ JOKING. I hate everyone equally. XD

    Anyway we had a discussion about this in my African American studies class. Turns out The word is just wrong no matter how you use it. Same goes for, redneck, cracker, nigger, nigga, wetback, and the others.Because of the history and The Racial tensions behind it.

    And mandi that is called reverse racism. I think. There is a name for it.

    BTW Everyone stems from the same area if you go back far enough.

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    I make bad racist jokes sometimes. No big deal. I've had people make jokes on French people or Canadians, and I didn't go apeshit. If the guy is serious, then okay, that's not a good thing, but black people also make a lot of racist jokes on whites.

    I've also had people insult me for many different reasons. I don't understand why just because someone is a different color gives him special privileges and forbids anyone from insulting him. That's dumb.

    I made sexist jokes in my thread about women, and I'm surprised I haven't been neg repped yet. I assume that's due to the little warning I put at the beginning of my post.

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    It's all about context. Some people get easily upset over words like 'fag,' etc., others don't even bat an eyelid. And people are very divided at the use of nigger/nigga among the black community. From what i know, some see the words as a symbol of brotherhood and community, while others believe those words perpetuate the separation between whites and blacks, and therefore should not be used at all. being white, i can only speak from what i've heard others tell me, because i have no personal idea of what it's like. and i try not to use those words at all, as it's probably better to err on the side of caution - and if you really want to verbally degrade someone, there are plenty of other words available.

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    It all depends on your audience and how well you know them and what they accept as being a joke. I've known some people who constantly gave each other racial jabs (one white, one black) and neither one was offended. It was their way of joking and each knew there was no bad intent on the part of the other. I've also known co-workers of the black race who you didn't dare make racial jokes around, no matter how well they knew you. They did not appreciate that kind of humor at all! So it really comes down to your knowing the person really well, what they feel can be taken as a joke and what crosses the line. If any doubts, best to keep the joke to yourself.

    Myself, I don't make racial, ethnic, weight related, or any other jokes to people that could be taken the wrong way, so as not to offend anyne or cause hurt feelings due to them being sensitive. The tongue can so easily get you into trouble.


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    Quote Originally Posted by krebstar View Post
    It's all about context. Some people get easily upset over words like 'fag,' etc.,
    I'm the guy that makes a joke over being called that....Then I hit on them.

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    Footed P.J.


    I have a certain sense of humor. Some people get it, others don't. I tend to be really PC about jokes, though people very much aren't with me (I am disabled). They say, in the case of me, that I need to be able to laugh at my disability. I disagree. And not out of anger about it (this is lifelong, and the norm for me).

    It's just that I don't feel a need to get Mandi to laugh at the fact she's female. Or someone else to laugh at the fact he/she's GLBT. Or black. These are all traits we ought to be able to accept. Sure we aren't perfect at that, but making socially directed jokes kind of gives us permission not to accept. Permission to fear or hate.

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    In the news recently there was a story about a party that happened with a bunch of university students, where people were invited to dress up as Jews (like orthodox Jews, you know with all the stuff) .
    Many did, and many brought "bags of money".
    And it sparked some controversy and the university they were at are 'investigating the situation'.

    Is that funny, or is that prejudice?

    I mean, I've yet to meet a person who doesn't have a small desire to dress up like an orthodox Jew. I'm not even sure what I think about the money thing, I mean if people threw a 'Gay party' where people wore or acted in a stereotypical gay way, I doubt that would be very offensive.

    Where I grew up was a very racist place (against Asians, we had practically no black people in our town), and the only reason I'm not racist is because my parents aren't, so I've been less infected with the racist view point.
    So racist things against Asians I'm more likely to be "ahhh, you can't say that!" as I have to battle with it more.
    Whereas with black people or Jews or whatever, I'm more level-headed because I don't have a subconscious problem with them.

    As for all jokes, the general rule is: know your audience!

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