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Thread: Your Recommendations for the Community

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    Default Your Recommendations for the Community

    Ok, Everyone here is different in our own ways. Some of us like the same things, and some of us like very different things.

    In this topic, I want everyone to take one of their favorite aspect of Infantilisim and recommend it to the other members.

    My recommendation, is Footed Pajamas (sleepers, FootyPj's...etc). I love my Sleeper SO MUCH, I sleep in it EVERY night. I'm even considering wearing it downstairs (with a diaper) on christmas morning (because everyone in my immediate family already knows anyways).

    For the second part of my recommendation, I'm going to say this. There is NOTHING better than diapering up and putting on a warm sleeper, freshly washed and out of the dryer. I can only describe this perfect feeling in two words and one character, Warm N Cozy.

    Welp, what's something you'd like other people to try out?

    P.S. If you read this whole post, then put your recommendation inbetween smiley faces, so they'll be easier to spot. -Tanks

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    You stole my recommendation. Sleepers are the best! I guess I'll have to go with a pacifier. They are really very soothing and I'm at the point where I have trouble sleeping without one. Highly recommended! Great thread btw.

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    Cuddling with Cubby right after she came out of the... well not dryer.

    For serious, plushies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    Cuddling with Cubby right after she came out of the... well not dryer.
    Ooh Well.... If she was just a few years older...

    Seriously this is diaper talk not AB or TB but I get the point intended.

    I recently got footie PJs for the cold nights and have a bottle for water on the hotter days. I always thought of my self as DL but this fourm is expanding my outlook.


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    My recommendation is for everyone to travel while well padded. A good diaper is valuable for so many situations: dirty restrooms, excessive distance to the next one, long lines, etc. Long car rides, plane rides, and bus rides go so much better with diapers.

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    A crib, pullup, blankey, stuffed animal, bottle, pacifier, DECENT cartoons/kid shows

    One time. But it won't be the last.

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    Hmm....I think I got a goo one for all those who do not use diapers for their intended purpose on this site, and that have never tried it on purpose. Wet your diaper on purpose, I promise you won't regret it!

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    Well for those who are able and capable of it, to be with other people who like wearing diapers and just kick back in just the comfort of your diapers, or in footed sleepers.

    The other thing is to be able to go out into the public wearing a diaper underneath or occasionally wearing shortalls or bib overalls with your favorite character. I have Winne the Pooh on mine.

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