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Thread: Hi, not sure if there's many others like us on here...

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    Default Hi, not sure if there's many others like us on here...

    1) Hello! Who are you?

    We are Harry, his primary caretaker/substitute father figure, and someone who is in some ways the head of this rather unusual "family unit", has little experience with children, but by the very nature of their existence has to be fairly open-minded (me).

    We are a multiple/plural system.

    For those only familiar with "multiple personality disorder"/"dissociative identity disorder" from daytime talk shows or books/movies like Sybil, that's a way of referring to the not-so-disordered way of existing with more than one person/identity/soul in one physical body. But it's possible for people to exist as multiple and function just as well as any other person, just as it's possible for you to get a cut small enough that a band-aid will take care of it, even though just handing out a bunch of band-aids wouldn't make a very exciting episode of ER!

    There are other members of this system, including an occasional babyfur and another human little (though a bit older), but they are significantly less relevant, here.

    2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression)

    Harry would like to say that he is five, and hardly even wets at night, and that makes him a big boy now! (and we are very proud of him!)

    He is still greatly in need of comfort in other ways - there's only so much we can do without interacting with the physical world at all - and neither his not-father (I'm not sure what word to use to describe the relationship - less formal than a foster father, less impersonal than a babysitter, and neither of them are related to me at all) nor I really know much about raising children of any sort. It seems somehow inappropriate to post on regular parenting forums.

    I've always kept stuffed animals around, have some "wash or toss" sippy cups from when they were on sale and I had a habit of knocking juice glasses over near electronics, and a few years back realized how much cheaper pacifiers were than custom night guards when you don't have a dental plan, so already have a couple, but I don't know if he wants to regress that far. (He's currently more interested in this Thomas the Tank Engine plate/bowl/cup set we've seen, despite the fact that we have more than enough plates, I will likely cave eventually...) That's actually how I ended up here - I threw out some old latex ones only to find they don't seem to sell them anymore, was looking for recommendations for the TMJ/grinding thing, and hit the limit on posts I could read without registering.

    3) Diapers do not rule our lives! What are your other interests? (besides diapers/regression)

    To the outside world, we appear to be a youngish adult female who works in a store that sells many things, including diapers and baby products.

    We like various things, such as gaming, reading, calligraphy, My Little Pony, and studying neurology and psychopharmacology, though that's an interest and not a profession.

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?

    Product recommendations, ways to be a more supportive replacement "family" to Harry, support with our desires for comfort when feeling his needs and wants as ours emotionally. We don't want to integrate so much as raise him right, however that works out in this sort of situation.

    And perhaps help some people get over their fear of the Depends aisle - having had to buy them for an elderly grandparent made it such that my first thought when selling them is that if you're mobile enough to get to the store to buy them, you can also get to the bathroom, and so you're buying them for someone else. Truly the most mundane explanation.

    Anyhow, hi.

    (Harry's being shy and hiding behind his not!Daddy's leg right now, and said not!Daddy is giving me odd looks for calling him such, and doesn't feel like saying anything)

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    Welcome to the site, Great introduction! Hope to see lots of activity from you! Any questions feel free to ask me

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    So you're a female, but Harry is male? What will you do if they all go into the light? And what happens if Harry shows up while you/them/ are working in the store? Which one of you made the account on this site?

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    Nice to meet you but I must say I am confused :/

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    hello and greetings from one "system" to another, Harry (& system)...

    my name is "lodge wrecker", and i too am part & parcel (as it were) of the bigger whole; a consortium as we internally think of our selves. but here on ADISC, it's not easy for most folks to understand the complex nature and inner workings of a "skin-sack" with more than one resident. let-a-lone a "poly-frag" like myself.... so i quit trying to explain myself long ago and just went with the flow around here... (smile) it was way easier...

    but i am truly glade to meet another when they come along. and the explanation you wrote of your system was excellent!

    so, please let me welcome you to ADISC, and say that i hope that you (and your system) feel right at home here....

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    I, also, am male, despite the female body, dogboy. Sort of like buying a used car but when I was looking, the only one available in my price range was a red Beetle and I took it.

    And I happen to be the one with the keys - no matter who climbs into the front seat with me, how loud and rowdy and distracting they get, even if they try to grab the wheel, they can't outright push me *out* of the car without my being able taking out the keys and turning the whole thing off on them. This is what keeps things working in the physical world, and in physical cars, as well - what I consider in my case to be what prevents it from being a "disorder". We have management. I'm it.

    Harry's too young to make an account here on his own, so I made it, and posted the intro. Should he desire to post...well, you'll be able to tell.

    littlelodgewrecker, glad to see there are others like us around here!

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