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Thread: Best product to use for 'itchyness' while wearing

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    Default Best product to use for 'itchyness' while wearing

    My LG complains of being itchy or agitated after wearing for too long or after wetting. She obviously has very sensitive skin. However, I'd like her to be able to carry on and soak them for me!

    Should I be using rash creme or a certain product to prevent this? Anyone experience anything similar? Thanks!

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    Do you use baby powder? I find that helps. I've also read that Rash cream is a good alternative. What you really need is something to act as a wetness repellent barrier between diaper and skin. I used a combination of baby oil and powder rubbed into the diaper area. Some use petroleum jelly for the barrier aspect. In addition to all these options, I sometimes apply an alo ointment to my skin if it looks irritated after wearing. You can usually find all this stuff at a pharmacy.

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    I always use baby lotion and sometimes the combination of baby powder and baby lotion. There also are the zinc compounds like Desitin. They work very well.

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    Anti-Monkey Butt Baby - Baby powder that contains calamine. Aquaphor Baby is another product I would highly recommend for comfort.

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    Any zinc-oxide-based nappy-rash cream, applied fairly thickly. In the UK the main brand is Sudocrem but I prefer Johnsons which comes in a tube rather than a tub, and is less messy to apply.

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    Most recently I've been getting both my powder and lotion from walmart. they sell very large containers of powder for cheap, and also have these massive pink plastic pump containers of baby lotion, also for cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    There also are the zinc compounds like Desitin. They work very well.
    Of all the brands available out there, I've come to prefer Desitin Creamy. IF you get Desitin, get the 'creamy' (blue tube) NOT the original (purple tube). The creamy smells nice and works just as well. The original smells horrible!!!!

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    Could it be a latex allergy? I had a friend that could only wear certain brands that were latex free. my

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    I sometimes use Gold Bond powder to stop the itchiness weather I'm wearing a diaper or not.

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