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Thread: Thomas the Tank Engine

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    Red face Thomas the Tank Engine

    Does any one remember the Magic Rail Road? ( If not what was your favorite movie ) It's my all time favourite. The best part is it just came to Love Film Instant. More of a FYI, So if ya have lovefilm its on there! Ive not been able to find a download anywhere!

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    At times I feel like I'm the only one that hated Thomas the Tank Engine. Power Rangers was also in that category.

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    Can agree with power Rangers, I didn't like the Thomas tv series, Only that one movie. I guess because its a strong childhood memory.

    Power rangers how ever, Don't get me started. A firecracker could go off and they would all dive 10 Meters.

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    I have Thomas The Tank Engine bedding, cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, books and videos (including Thomas And The Magic Railroad, which is awesome). I think it's fair to say that I might be a Thomas The Tank Engine fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AEsahaettr View Post
    At times I feel like I'm the only one that hated Thomas the Tank Engine. Power Rangers was also in that category.
    Oh, you're not alone, Thomas drives me nuts. I never watched Power Rangers, so I can't comment there.

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    I liked both Thomas The tank engine and Power Rangers, and mommy likes Thomas the Tank engine as well; mostly because Ringo Starr did the voice for some episodes :p

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    Coming from a man who has grown up with Thomas the Tank Engine as his childhood icon, who watched nearly every single Thomas episode on VHS, who remembered his grandfather recording footage from Shining Time Station in the 1990s, who still has some Thomas merchandise including a light-up Thomas toy from 1996. I think I can remember seeing the movie in theaters with my mom in 2000, and I remember borrowing a DVD copy rented from Netflix back in 2003 when I was in third grade. Now I have two VHS copies of the movie.

    The show is just a shadow of its past now, but now that the series picked up a new headwriter, Andrew Brenner who wrote Thomas magazine stories in the late 1980s, I may give the show one more chance.

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    Thomas the Tank Engine (and friends) was my childhood hero, from age 2 (according to my parents. don't remember that far back) and I guess it's never left me totally. Every few months I'll sit down and watch my 20 year old VHS tapes of the series episodes, based on the original stories of Reverend Wilbert Awdry. I also have a total compilation of the original stories in one large book somewhere too: heavily weathered and dog-eard.

    While I am not much of an AB (not at all, really), I enjoy watching the shows whilst diapered just for the sake of regressive nostalgia. The oldest ones narrarated by Ringo Starr and George Carlin are my favorites, as I love seeing all the models run and the amazing sets the stage crew built for the show. Its just a great activity. I've always loved trains, and model making in general.

    That said, I don't like where the franchise has gone once they exhausted all of Awdry's stories. None of the narrarators can match Carlin or Ringo in my opinion, and the show seems to have become excessively childish. Needless to say, I didn't like the Magic Railroad, despite being only 10 or 12 as of it's release. Thomas taught me proper english (with a british flare for a while. /That/ threw my hickville early teachers for a while, and gave me a crude foundation of railroad and engineering knowledge at a remarkakably young age.

    All of these things have been lost by post-2000ish Thomas. I wish kids today could appreciate the shows they made in 1982, '84, and '86 for the value they have. Anyway, yes. I am a Thomas fan and I still play with trains!

    Maybe we should have a Thomas group on ADISC?

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    i too loved to watch thomas as a kid, i remember crying when it had not taped one day. Ringo was definately the best narator. My first train set was a thomas set too, the tracks were made of orange plastic and thomas had to be wound- up and placed on the tracks. i think it was probably through thomas that i got interested in trains, also at primary school i had a thomas school bag and lunch box.

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    Dawww, I used to cry when Lion King ended, My dad also because it meant he had to watch it again.

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