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Thread: diaper to the movies

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    Default diaper to the movies

    Anyone wore a diaper to the movies? I am tonight im wearing a Atn while im there i hope it wont leak on me

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    Should be OK. Although I think I'd also wear plastic pants.

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    I love wearing to the movies. I just wish it didn't cost so much. I usually wear tena slip, cos they are comfy and hide well under clothes.

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    my AB boyfriend wears to movie more often than not. if you are comfortable in wearing in public, it is the best way to enjoy a movie . I have not had the ability / guts to go to a theater padded... yet.

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    Make sure you are familiar with the taping for the diaper and getting a good fit. If you decide to use during the movie, you will probably be sitting which is not the ideal scenario for avoiding leaks.

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    I have always wanted to try this but I can never go to the movies alone. My wife and kids are always with me.

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    I wore one to the cinema today. I didn't use it during the movie, but afterwards, when everyone was queuing up for the toilet, I waited for my friend outside while I used it. =)

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    Wearing to the movies is great, then i dont have to leave to go to the toilet

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    I never have worn to the movies but I always wanted too for the longest time, maybe someday.

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    I always wear to movies and almost always wear when going to town
    Public toilets arent bad here, but why bother when we have options

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