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    So I had a dream, but...I don't want to talk about it. What if Martin Luther King Jr. had said that?

    So I get this package in the mail, and open it and to my surprise it's a package of the nicest looking diapers I've ever seen. Very crinkly, thick, and plastic backed. They also have an infantile tape on them but, despite usually not being much of a fan of that, I still decide I want to try them out. So I get them on and it's literally the nicest diaper I have ever put on. Everything about it is perfect. Like an actual replica of the sort that I 'tried' when I was 6, but made perfectly shaped for adults.

    Suddenly I hear my best friend coming in, so I quickly grab the nearest available pair of pants, which turn out to be a pair of really nice dress pants. The problem is, there is a very obvious bulge in the back and front, so I find myself a really large oversized hoodie that goes down low enough to cover both. She wants me to go to the pharmacy with her to get some stuff. For some reason I decide to put the bag of diapers in a black bag and take them with me. The excitement in me bubbles out the whole way there, and I've never felt more comfortable and happy than that very moment, to the point my bestie starts to question why I'm in such a fantastic mood.

    We get to the pharmacy and my friend wants to try out a top or something in the changing room and wants my opinion.(Tops at a pharmacy, obviously a dream ) So I leave my black bag on the counter in the pharmacy and go help her out.

    When I come back the black bag is gone. I'm so devastated that I start asking everyone if they've seen it and spend over 2 hours searching the pharmacy, which by now has obviously become a maze. To no avail, the back is nowhere to be seen so one of the cashiers tells me that if what I had was so expensive then I should go to the police station and file a report.

    We go to the police station and I pull the door open adamant that I have to find the horrendous thief who took away my precious...wait. What do I respond when they ask what exactly was in the bag that was so valuable? Especially considering I'm standing next to my best friend...

    Sigh. I really wish I actually could get ahold of diapers like that in real life.

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    Lol, I think eventually , Us AB/DLs will open our own company, and please take me as a graphic artist
    WE would rock out the best designs and best comfort, even for small kids ;P

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    I share your disappointment about DL dreams. I have them frequently. Sometimes I wake up happy from them, but also sometimes disappointed that my closet isn't loaded with first rate diapers like I dreamed it was. :S

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    Thing about dreams like that is that I pretty much spend the rest of my day randomly fantasizing about it. If only I could leave my dreams on repeat. Probably wouldn't need diapers in real life .

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    It sounds like the classic frustration dream. The frustration part is obvious, centered around the unavailability of the perfect diaper, and being able to wear them when you want. I have frustration dreams concerning my work, but I've had them over diapers, especially when I was much younger and couldn't get diapers.

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