After watching Elfen Lied, I was left wondering what the most disturbed things dreamt up in the anime world were. I do not mean in terms of blood, gore, sex, or nudity, but rather in concepts, situations, and ideas. Disturbing imagery can be used to artful effect, yes, but it is the concepts behind these things that give them their power.

With that being said, what concepts in an anime/manga universe can you think of that were creatively disturbed, and effectively communicated, in a powerful or artful fashion?

1. Elfen Lied- Concept, human evil as a pervasive problem and a continuous display of loss of human dignity and moral detachment. Execution- used everything from images of graphic violence to scenes of child sexual abuse to display human evil, and while some things depicted in the series may have been over done,it got its point across.

2. Gunslinger Girl- Concept, dehumanization as a price for societal stability. Execution, the government recruits nameless orphans and conditions them to kill without remorse (most are prepubescent teenage girls.)

3. Full Metal Alchemist- a specific moment, Nina's transmutation into a chimera. She and her dog were used as mere laboratory mice by Nina's own father. Concept, the awful length men are willing to go just because they can. It ties into the greater theme of FMA, human arrogance and ultimate lack of power.

I regard anime as any other art form, and would like to explore it as such. My examples listed above are some of my favorites, and I was intrigued by each one. All were beautifully done in their own ways, and for this reason stick in my mind.