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    This thread is for all of us secondlifers on this forum, furry and human alike. You can post anything about the game, pic's of your avatar, funny convo's you had, but ESPECIALLY your SL names. If we can get enough people i might even set up a ADISC group in SL ^_^

    anyway, i have to screan names, one male, the other female

    Rhianna Dezno
    Josiah Thespian

    please feel free to hit me up on the game too

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm on SL as Symmetrica Indigo

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    I'm on sl too, pm me for name (I'm not going to post it in the public forum)

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    lol, just let me get up to 15 messages so i acutally can pm you XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by baby_connor_foxx View Post
    Josiah Thespian
    Are you a Thespian? *is excited* I am

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    I have a patch of land on Blue mountain, 6,141,0 you're allways welcome there (oh, the actual place is under the ground, so if you don't see it, you know why :p)

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    I am on Second Life.
    If you want to know my user name, ask me privately...

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