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    Default New mommy

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone in this community!!! I am very friendly and looking forward to speaking with other caregivers and Ab/dl's!! Hope everyone had a great new years!!!!

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    Hello, welcome to ADISC. I how you enjoy your stay.

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    Like wise welcome to the site and all that jazz

    Hows your 2013 going so far?

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    Welcome. Look forward to posting with you soon

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    let the PMing begin!!!!!!!! (kidding )

    welcome we hope you enjoy your stay

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    So far I have found many interesting forums, I am a new mommy of only about a week. It is a learning curve, but so far has greatly exceeded any of my expectations.

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    Thanks for the great welcome!!

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    So far so good, I const complain. I don't complain much anyways life is way to short to not be positive!!!

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    Don't hesitate to post away I love to chat lol

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