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Thread: This should have been my first post.

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    Default This should have been my first post.

    Sorry about the late introduction.
    I'm miles, and I'm a run of the mill DL.

    I'm 18, I am going for my HSED, and then Post-Secondary education to become a Machinist at a Firetruck factory (It's called Pierce) along with my Grandpa.

    I don't know much else to say besides that I am very good with computers, know my way around the internet, and will be active on IRC.

    I hope I have a great stay, and thank you for having such a wonderful community.

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    Well a late intro deserves a late welcome ^_^ ive only been here since last night and i absolutly love this place. welcome aboard, hehe, dont mind my normall uber hyperness by the way XD

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    Nothing wrong with being late (nor with being happy), so let's get started.

    Welcome to our community. We love having new people, because getting to know them is fun and we all learn something new about ourselves. So hang around, post around and join in the chat. We will gradually get more familiar with you and probably like you even more !

    Machinist, hey? I did a machine shop intro in an adult-education program a couple of years ago. What fun ! Of course I burned out a few cutting tools, but learned to give them new edges and to be more careful.

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    Thanks guys, also I've done machining in for one of my Highschool's robotics team.
    I loved it, and was pretty good at it, so I'm sure I'll be fine.

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    Well as the saying goes, "Better late, than never!"
    I believe the first step in accepting who you are and what you like, is to first begin to contribute, like you are doing now. Let people know you are serious about it and participate as you can.

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