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Thread: Plastic backed vs Cloth backed

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    Default Plastic backed vs Cloth backed

    Simple question really. Which do you prefer?

    Do you prefer the heavy, crinkly plastic backed diapers or the silent, lighter cloth backed diapers.

    Personally I prefer cloth backed, as I don't want to get caught wearing diapers while getting something to snack on or drink by my family. Plus I plan to try and wear them in public again some day. I guess the fact that I am a DL instead of an AB contributes to this as well.

    I searched for this using the title button and the search feature, so I am very sorry if this was already posted.

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    im one of the rare *bs that prefers cloth, but ive no problem wearing either kind

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    I like both, but for different reasons. I'll prefer a plastic backed diaper if I am just at home and I don't have to go to great lengths to hide the fact that I am wearing one. For times when I am out and about, I sometimes prefer a cloth backed style simply for the fact that they are generally silent.

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    I would rather have them be plastic, i love to hear the crinkle and I think the plastic ones crinkle more.

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    Cloth-backed ones are good for avoiding being caught. However, I find myself preferring the plastic ones. They're noisier yes, but there are ways around that and they work better. Plus, I was in diapers when the plastic-backed baby diapers were the norm so they're what I associate most with being that little.

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    Definitely "heavy crinkly plastic backed diapers" for me.

    It's enough to know how to dress properly to avoid them being a problem in public situations.

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    I personally like cloth ones because they dont make nearly as much noise, though i dont mind platic backed either.

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    Plastic ones are fun, especially when you like the thrill of maybe getting caught...


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