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Thread: A Rather 'Different' Scary Experience

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    Default A Rather 'Different' Scary Experience

    I'm pretty new here (having lurked for a long time ) and thought I'd share an 'almost caught' story with a difference.

    I had been indulging in DL activities throughout the day and in the evening. I started watching a few videos and reading some stories whilst also talking to a few friends on facebook (who aren't aware of this side of me).

    Someone posts a link on my wall and just for a moment I thought my whole world was going to fall apart

    The video was called "how to change a baby's diaper", posted by a friend of mine... She left some comment that served to fuel my paranoia at this stage, something along the lines of, thought this would interest you.

    The scary rush that permeated me was like nothing else!!! I resisted the urge to simply hurl my laptop across the room and flee the country. I quickly looked into deleting my facebook account etc. and thinking of ways to pay of the girl to stop her from spreading what I thought was intimate knowledge about me that no one need know.

    As my faculties of reason slowly returned to me I realised that the video was one of a few that linked into an ongoing joke we had between us (one that had nothing to do with DL but yeah).

    I have never been so scared. Took me hours to calm down fully..

    Anyway, thought I'd drop in and actually make a post here for once and share my fear

    Happy new year everyone

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    Wow. There have been a few times this has crossed my mind; somebody will say something casually that sends my body into code red. Then I realize they are meaning something else entirely, and I can relax. Never had something this dramatic though. Glad it blew over for you.

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    Something like that happened to me, but on twitter. I was left wondering if the other guy knew something about me. It happened at the beginning of a long weekend, so I was left three or four days all worked up. It turned out that my friend mentioned the wrong person on his tweet, since my account and the account of the other start with the same letters.

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    Wow, close call. I think we all have these kind of moments. A mini hear attack, lol.

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