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Thread: Changing your body clock/pooping time

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    Default Changing your body clock/pooping time

    Does anyone know haow to change the time you poop> i need to change it about 12 hours. At present i am an early morning pooper having always beeen trained to go before school as a kid. Result when i wake up with a wet diaper instead of having time to enjoy it i have the urge to go number 2 so i have 2 choices , either too mess which i dont often want to do or get up and take of the wet diaper ,go and then change. I would much rather be a evening pooper so i could get it over and done with before i put a diaper on at night.

    i have tried "holding it but it never worked for more than about 2 hours meaning i had to go at morning break time .

    Any suggestions gratefully received

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    Have you tried going before you go to bed? Or you could get used to going at morning break time then just keep pushing it further back. Maybe with the right diet like having lots of fibre or prune juice in the afternoons.

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    When I was a lot younger I would poop twice before I went to work. That would be it for the day. Back then though I didn't wear diapers. Now at my age it's hard to have any
    regularity on poop times. Before typing this I took off my wet diaper. I"ve been up about an hour now but have peed twice in my wet overnight diaper. Will take my first poop
    before my shower. Then from there who knows. I may poop 2 to3 times and can't hold off very long before I do.

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