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Thread: Are you a diaper snob?

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    Default Are you a diaper snob?

    I've become a diaper snob. Back in the day, fifteen years ago when I first had my drivers license, I would have taken any diaper I could get my hands on and I'd be thrilled. Even 5 years ago -- same deal. Any store brand or hospital piece of crap diaper would be good enough to fuel my fire. But today, now that I have a regular income and an accepting wife, I can buy dry 24/7 diapers and bambinos. Hence the lonely value Tenas lying around as well as the half bag of cloth covered tranquility slims are just not worth it to me. I caught myself thinking tonight: "I hate those tranquilitys". After that I thought to myself "I've seriously become a diaper snob".

    Who else is with me?
    If not, do you loathe me and others like me? Pity us?

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    I'd say anyone who's younger and doesn't have regular income nor access to diapers has the "anything I can get my hands on" mentality. I didn't though, I took diapers from an aunts place and tried them on because I thought they were cute. But when I got bigger, however, I never cared to try the brands at the store. I just did without them until I eventually got a job and found diapers online that I thought I'd actually like and bought them.

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    I don't like to think of myself as being a snob, but rather more of a "Diaper Connoisseur" (I can't believe I knew how to spell that without looking it up first!). I find myself comparing the benefits and drawbacks between most diapers, though I too tend to stay more towards higher end lines.

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    I don't necessarily think that I am more of a "diaper snob". Its hard to say what I really am to tell you the truth. I'm kind of more of a private collector. I just try to hide them from my parents just to make sure that they don't act so nosy or somethin like that.

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    I'm with Llayden... Connoisseur

    I remember my early experiences (with makeshift/fakes/etc.) anything was good enough but the more authentic the better. Maybe I was spoiled w/ Tena Maxis the first time I had "real" diapers but the depends I bought shortly after were nothing short of a huge let down.

    Always wanted nothing but the best

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    Not really, I mean I hate Depends and wouldn't use Goodnites but other than that I'll take most adult diapers.

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    Not at present I think. Still in the experimental stage though

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm a snob so far as I only buy diapers that actually work. That means I don't buy store brands or Depends. If I could afford it, I would wear Abena x-plus all the time but I just don't have the money. The Attends diapers, while not great, do at least function as a relatively decent diaper.

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    Yes, I've become one over the years as well. Dry 24/7, Abena X-Plus, or Bambinos are really all I'll buy now.


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