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Thread: Are sissies boys or girls at heart?

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    Talking Are sissies boys or girls at heart?

    After reading threads after threads here, it occurred to me that the term sissy is quite vague in contrast to the term little girl (or transgendered girl). Are sissies boys at heart? Or do they want to be 100% girly? Do they feel awkward and ugly to have boy parts down there (in panties or diapers)? Or do they want to get rid of all boy parts and traits and become girls? The term sissy means literally a man who acts effeminate or dresses girly -- but the key here is the word "man" (or male), right?

    Being a girl is nothing humiliating (if you are a genetic girl or transgendered girl), unless you insist on being a man underneath the facade. The idea of sissification often accompanies shame and humiliation.

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    Default Are sissies boys or girls at heart?

    I feel that it depends greatly on the each individual. For me I'm all man at heart but I do enjoy dressing as a sissy girl for a few hours or more on rare occasion and when me and my wife are playing role reversal in the bedroom.

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    I too think it varies widely from person to person.
    From M to F transgender, for sexual, just for fun, and other things as well.

    I like it cause it is a bit fun, the clothes are comfortable (why do girls have such more comfortable clothes than guys?)
    and its a at home only thing for me.
    I like the more cute style than actual normal girl clothes.

    I am all male at heart as well, but I say do what version makes you happy.

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    I say you are a girl at heart if you are transgender girl.

    Or having a girl gender identity...(so cisgirls and MtF guess)

    So I say sissys are boys at heart.

    Now.. for androgenous sissys.. I got no idea O_o

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    I am a guy at heart but dressing up and acting sissy is just something I do on my free time for a few hours.
    It also varies on personal preferences of others.

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    I am a guy at heart, but I like girl clothes and acting girly. I especially like being the girl in the relationship with my boyfriend.

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    Some of us aren't "sissies" at all, but rather "tomboys" or "little boys" instead.

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    Alot are still all guy at heart but because boys are meant to be dress and act a certain way some of us just don't want to follow that.

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    The reason I use a tree as an avatar is because I came to the conclusion that gender expression is tree like, with infinite branchings! The diversity with in our diversity is truly, you guessed it, diverse.

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    I just started crossdressing due to my first "daddy" telling me I have the curves of a woman and that I can fit into womans sizes. I still see myself as a guy.

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