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    Okay so I have been trying to delete my dumb DS profile for months now and have been having no luck because it is literally always down. Even when it is up it doesn't allow you to do anything within the site and I really just want my profile deleted.

    Anyone know a solution or have had similar problems???

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    Yeah it got really bad when they decided to renovate the site and hasn't really worked since - I can never seem to get on it either, I wasn't sure if it was just me though.

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    The sites dead its been abandoned I imagine all the data will eventually be deleted but theres nothing we can do till then.

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    Well I've just tried and I've managed to get on... It looks like there are a few people online at the moment, but it's really slow

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    I deleted my account from that website. It's terrible, even though I'm sure the original intentions were alright.

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    Yeah there's some interesting characters on there which is what put me off really.

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