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    Hi my name is clouds and to be honest im in a bad place in my life right now and im just trying to come to terms with being like this. Im kind of scared to post or even mention being an ab but im sure this is a good place to start.

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    Hey there clouds (cool name by the way).

    This is definitely the place to start to get a better understanding of yourself and your desires. I am not going to off on a big spiel about how it is okay to be an AB since there is plenty of that to go around on her. Believe me when I tell you I know what it means to be going through tough times, I have been there myself and I would not wish the kind of depression, loneliness, confusion, and all around bad feeling on anyone so I really hope you can pull yourself out of it. The problem with such things is that others can only guide you in the right direction, they can not carry you to where you want to go and it is up to you whether or not you will let yourself go there.

    If you ever want to talk about what it is that is bothering you (AB/DL related or otherwise) I will always be there for and as will most everyone on this site.

    As for being yourself, do not let this define you. Being an AB is an amazing and magical part of my life but it does not govern me nor my choices (apart from which nappies to buy :P). Remember that this is only one part of you, how big that part is is up to you to figure out and decide.

    Also please tell us some more about yourself!
    I hope you find everything you are looking for here and more.


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