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Thread: Looking at going to cloth, any suggestions?

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    Default Looking at going to cloth, any suggestions?

    I'm moving, at least partially to cloth diapers.
    I'm looking at possibly the leakmaster, I've ordered a couple of
    Airoliver velcro diapers, but i'm not so familiar in this territory, any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebehuey View Post
    I'm moving, at least partially to cloth diapers.
    I'm looking at possibly the leakmaster, I've ordered a couple of
    Airoliver velcro diapers, but i'm not so familiar in this territory, any suggestions?
    I'm kind of like you in that respect. I just ordered a couple of dependeco diapers. They're also velcro style. I'm willing to give them a try.

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    I buy the night weight gauze pre-fold diapers from All Together Enterprises, which supplies for a number of suppliers including Gauze is softer than birdseye, though it doesn't hold up as long. That said, I've had mine for 5 years and they're doing fine. I buy the Leakmaster high back plastic pants because I usually sleep in them, and the high back covers better, preventing leaks. Though I wash the cloth diapers in the washing machine, and put them in the dryer, I wash the plastic pants in the shower using dish detergent, and I hang them on a plastic hanger to air dry.

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    If you are looking for prefolds, you should also consider Twill diapers from Changingtimes diaper co. or Rearz. The twill diapers they sell are better quality than from one of the other sites I purchased from.

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    I got my diapers from BabyPants. Good quality and reasonable prices. I have night-weight prefolds and contours and use a contour with a prefold at night. I have lighter weight diapers for when I'm home and can enjoy them during the day. I am using PUL pants for daytime (they can be washed and dried like casual clothes) and leakmaster hi-back for night-time. These I got from Adult Cloth Diaper company. I do not recommend the All-In-One since the plastic cover requires air dry and the absorbent inside can take forever to dry that way. I also stay away from Velcro since it can cause issues in a washing machine. I am currently using either diaper pins (day) or Snappi (night).

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    I got mine form THere really nice. If you were full time you will have to learn to hide the bulk though.

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    I wear the flat gauze diapers. 2 layers in the daytime and 4 layers at night. Sometimes I add a prefolded baby diaper as a stuffer. Also pull-on plastic pants at night and snap-on ones in the daytime.

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    I get mostly from, but they are fulfilled by Altogether Enterprises, so I'm not sure what the difference is. I never saw any difference (in flats anyway) between sites, but I've been told that if you search around you can find cheaper sources. (Don't have the exact reference, search for posts by Cottontail.)

    The nice thing about flats is that you can fold them to fit the occasion. I don't wear cloth around town, but a single layer would be pretty much as discrete as the Molicares that I do wear. (Quieter too. Hmm.) My night diaper is almost cloth sculpture: 3 layers + a stuffer, all folded differently.

    PUL are far and away preferrable to vinyl pants, IMHO, if for no reason other than they last _a_lot_ longer. I wash them in the washing machine, but air dry them as a kindness to the elastic. I've been wearing them for a few years and finally got my first leak a month or two ago. Took me a while to figure out that the pants acutally had a pinhole.

    I just wish I could find high backs (fishing for a reference...). PUL is a lot more comfortable to sleep in, but it can be difficult to get a night diaper to stay inside the waistband all night.

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    I've been buying from Nice Diaper for years. They have a great velcro diaper, but I use 4 pins anyway. You can order all in one or without plastic outside. They also have plastic pants, and other products. They have their own site or sometimes on e-bay. They have a big sale going on now.

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    I get my cloth diapers from angel fluff diaper company and I get them from babykins and my plastic panties from the same. I love there products and they do well. Never had a leak with these diapers.

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