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    Well, school is in session and insomnia is at an all time high for me at the moment. Well, not insomnia, rather just an annoying sleep disorder. I go to bed at around 1ish, thinking "Let's go to bed!" And then 4 hours later I go "WTF!" This is not new to me, I am just getting bored of it. I want to be like those assholes who can just lay down in their beds and fall asleep right away.

    So, this is where you come in:

    If you have had this problem, how did you solve it?


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    Yes, my meds kept me awake when falling asleep.

    Melatonin 5 mg/day.

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    I had this problem, but I got the opportunity of a life time (getting my HSED and then college classes payed for via a program from my highschool)
    I quickly forced myself to change my sleeping pattern and I did it.
    Now I go to sleep around 10pm-12am, and wake up around 6am-6:30am.

    So I guess the main reason I could do it is because I wanted to really bad.

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    Sleeping pills of some sort...Luckily I don't get that way often

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    Quote Originally Posted by HypnoToad View Post
    but you are right now Pojo!
    Well I'm not trying to get to sleep right now, so it's not the same...But trying to go to sleep, and not being able to is very annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
    I want to be like those assholes who can just lay down in their beds and fall asleep right away.
    Thanks for calling me an asshole. I always thought peaches were the whole ass, not just the hole

    My suggestion is: Get a regular sleep schedule. I.e. go to sleep at the same time every day so your body can get used to being tired at a certain time. However, that may not work very well in a college environment, so maybe you should follow someone else's suggestions instead.


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    i do stuggle to get to sleep alot of nights, it all depends when i take my meds, if i take em too late i am up till really late...... if i was you i would before bed clear ur mind, to some breathing exersices and such like, dont do anything that might cause u to think and therefore keep you up

    there is also the option of sleeping pills, but go for a herbal remedy. hope this helps

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    I can never fall asleep unless I got a TV playing or some music on. Then it seems to be a matter of minutes for me.

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    Being drunk helps. Although I wouldn't recommend doing that every night.

    I used to have this problem... I find that getting up early in the morning helps, since I'm always really tired by the end of the day.
    Also listening to music, watching TV, or reading for a little bit before going to sleep.
    And never try to go to sleep straight after using a computer. I don't know if it's just me, but I find it impossible to sleep after I've been looking at a computer screen...

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