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Thread: Anyone else had a friend like this?

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    Default Anyone else had a friend like this?

    So, I have been spending more time with a friend of mine who I recently told about being an AB. I have been huggling with my teddy and sucking my paci while we played video games, and the only thing that he has mentioned was it is cute when I'm like this and I talk alot softer. It's as if there is nothing new or different. Anyone else had something like this with someone they have told?

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    I wish. I'm happy for you. I wish we could all have an experience like that.

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    Everyone that accepts me so far is online, it would be nice to have someone in rl.

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    I have a few friends who let me suck on my binky around them a few times before. They don't mind me babying out that much either, as long as I can keep my diapers out of the picture. they are pretty good friends of mine~
    Too bad its all online friendships though :/

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    I found it really strange. Just the idea of being myself and not being judged. He was even able to understand my little voice and not question me too much. I have to admit, it was a great feeling.

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    I've had a rough enough time letting myself get all the way into little mode with s/os, never mind close friends. lol. I've got a couple that I can talk about it with, I'd be to worried if they were uncomfortable. Yep, paint me green and call my jealous.

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    My fiance told me first..about how he wanted to be a Daddy. But he brought out my AB, which I knew was there, I just had it hidden I guess. He says I talk softer and that it's cute too. I suppose it is sort of the same thing as you are talking about.

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    Besides my mate, no one else I know
    personally would be accepting of it,
    or I would not trust to tell.

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    Lucky you I wish I had friend like that... or who knows, maybe I have but I just don't know about it.

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