I am currently in Job corp.
I do have bladder issus and I have been wearing Dry 24/7s at night and Abena m4s during the day. I was ordering from XP medical but the cost got really high.

I talked with the nurse and they ordered Some cloth diapers from adultclothdiaper.com

I got 9 daytime and 7 nighttime prefolds aswell as a lot of plastic pants and inserts.

The daytime dipers by themselves are thicker and bulkier than the dry 24/7s. The nightime diapers are ungodly thick. They are suprisngly abosrbent and Fairly easy to pin in place. They are hader to deal with discreetly but ARe cheaper in the long run. The orde was just over 600 dollars but Should last me years. I got 5 pairs of phe lastic pants along with order. When you add in the the 4 pairs I already had that is 9 pairs in total. The inserts add a lot more thickness and absorbency.

I find that keeping the clothdiapers in my stuff is easier since people just thinkt they are towels.
I would recomen them to any one who is wanting to try cloth diapers.

Although if traveling or spending te night somewhere else I would recommend dispoasable. I'll proably keep wearing disposale at school.