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Thread: Diaper Test: Prevail Xtreme Fit

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    Default Diaper Test: Prevail Xtreme Fit

    first off i want to say the paper parcel pack they came in was really decent at being discrete. my sister took them in and didn't even suspect a thing so if you were questioning how conspicuous they looked on the outside then you shouldn't worry.
    UPDATE: just found a call from a representative of Prevail on my answering machine so any questions or concerns you guys have i can relay to him.

    the outside is that breathable cloth covering. full padding all around. it's purple (the other color is beige, i believe). it's single tabbed on the sides and has extremely stretchy sides (guess that's where the xtreme comes in). the tabs are nice and solid and don't feel like they'll rip from the diaper, but the velcro design doesn't feel that secure. the tabs held and didn't shred the diaper after a few readjusts which was nice.

    added: photos to see the progression.

    the first wetting it was thirsy. it took the wetness away from my skin which made it so much more comfortable. the downside was it it went straight down into the diaper which made it sag and lost all it's initial absorption.
    the second wetting wasn't too bad, i did it on my back and the back panel held up good, but again, it soaked in a downwards fashion rather than to the sides so most of the front didn't get used from expanding wetness (thanks for pointing that one out peachy).

    as far as pressure testing goes it was great. i didn't notice any pressure leaks after my first wetting or even after my second wetting on my back or after sitting back onto the chair. it did an excellent job of containing the water. the only issue i noticed was after the second wetting some of the filler started to come out onto my chair. it was a very small spot, but something i've never noticed before in a diaper.

    Multiple Wettings
    this was the diaper's downfall. the first wetting was great, but after then it's performance went downhill exponentially. the second wetting dripped a bit onto my chair and after the third it was running down my leg. after the materials they used clumped in the middle of the diaper the excess liquid didn't have anything to be absorbed with so it just pooled up and ran over the sides.

    if i was in a bind and these diapers were cheap enough i would consider them over depends, but i really think they should come out with a plastic covered version. also, they need to reconsider their type of batting and filler. somehow they need to think about absorption plus the movement of the liquids while being absorbed.
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    These would be decent diapers if it weren't for the cloth-like covering. Too bad.

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    my gf's sample pack just came in... I'll have her try them out this week

    she prefers the refastenable kind of diaper for daytime use... so she has a choice when she needs to go potty

    either she or I will report back here with some results...

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    i htought they were way to stretchy for a 32" waist, tapes overlapped.

    i got a call from the company, and i told them my problems, so they sent me out ANOTHER sample of another line for free, jsut for giving my opinion, so i say i like prevail as a company

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    I requested mine about a week ago...

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    lol plz send me the number and these sound kool but needs much more absorbency

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