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Thread: Abdl Christmas gifts

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    Default Abdl Christmas gifts

    So this post is kinda similar to the "Christmas money" thread, but did anyone get any Abdl related gifts for Christmas? I got a super cute teddy from my wonderful gf. It was really amazing .

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    i got a onesie one year from an awesome ex g/f .

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    i got a onesie one year from an awesome ex g/f .

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    I got a Crayola glow dome from my boyfriend/daddy... more of a kid thing, but it makes me happy
    Oddly enough I got a Funzee from my stepmom. It's pretty babyish.
    All in One Cotton Pajamas - Pink with Teddies
    And from her sister I got a super soft pink blankie.
    I'm not a fan of the color pink, I don't know why people get me pink things

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    I got a Nuk5 and a pack of Tranquility ATN's from my boyfriend :3

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    i got a bath toy little people school bus building blocks and a noisy toy off myself

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    Generally people don't know so I tend to get grown-up gifts...

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    My G/F and new Mummy bought me some stuffers so that she can put me in cloth nappies, some pins to use and my first big baby bottle

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    I was given a toy drum set with rattles for age 3 loved it too:-)

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    I got some Abena M4's and a Bambino from bugatti who lives only a few miles away.....

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    My mother in law bought me new footies. Too bad they do not fit. I have to take them back. She does not know about the DL side of me she just knows I love my footie pajamas. I wear them around the house if I am not going any where.

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