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    Default Sam's Club diapers

    I'm curious. Has anyone tried the Sam's Club diapers? It's $20.48 for 60 diapers.

    If so, would you compare them to Walgreens Certainty or depend or anything else? I'm assuming cloth-backed.


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    I've never tried them but I would assume they would be on par with house diapers from Waigreens,CVS, Wal Mart And probably a few others.

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    Yes, Sam's Club is part of the Walmart chain.

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    Hmm, never tried Sam's Club diapers before. I might check into that. I also had no idea they sold adult diapers. If Sam's Club diapers are on par with Wal Green's Certainty diapers, then 60 diapers for $20 is a heck of a deal.

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    I tried them just about 6 months ago. The price was right and the package said all the right things so I figured I would give them a try.

    Besides Depends I can say these were some of the worst diapers I have ever used. One of the problems was that the did not fit, ok one tape was barely attached and the other not quite long enough. I was in the middle of the size range so I expected them to at least fit. Other than fit there was not much to them. I don't generally flood my diapers all at once but I do wet pretty much continuously. A couple of very small settings were it, basically what I would consider a small accident or so, and they started leaking pretty bad. Sleeping in them was a no go, as they leaked no matter what position I was laying in. Besides I wet in my sleep when diapered so for a diaper that leaks so easily I figure it was also a very risky diaper to try sleeping in.

    S I say they are terrible, definitely not worth there cheap price.

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    They're the exact same diaper as Assurance, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Fred's Pharmacy generics. I think they're crappy, even for the price.

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