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Thread: My latest negative diaper reference encountered I took to heart

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    Default My latest negative diaper reference encountered I took to heart

    Hi good people,

    So I am a big comic book reader (love X-Men, Superman, Spider-Woman) and was really excited about the new core Avengers NOW title from Marvel.

    While I found the title a bit boring issue 2 does the flashback to team gathering and cuts to the recruitment of Manifold who is shown in some form of Aboriginal paint (which isn't the part the bothers me LOL) a few pages later cut to the present Wolverine questions Manifolds capability with the reference to when he was recruited he was in a diaper.

    I know there are a million of these references a day but this one killed the title (and anything else by Jonathan Hickman) for me as being both needlessly nasty (from the mouth of a hero no less) and maybe even ignorantly racist.

    I appreciate that even in the flashback we don't see a diaper or loin cloth and that Australian Aboriginies didn't wear either traditionally and I maybe being hyper sensitive but this still rankled me to pay for something that I found offensive.

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    Everyone gets to pick what they're going to find offensive but I think you'll be letting yourself in for a lot of heartburn if you let things of that level rankle you. It's not like Wolverine is known for his sensitivity, either. I'd say the more upsetting thing is that the dialog as you describe it isn't funny or clever. Here's hoping it'll get better.

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    This is Wolverine we are talking about, he dont give a damn about anyone so comments like dont really surprise me.

    I dont really know who Manifold is as i dont follow comics that much but from the pics a saw of him when i googled i think i get the joke wolverine was going with. He does look like he is wearing a diaper with stuff over it.

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    Default My latest negative diaper reference encountered I took to heart

    I think you might be being a little over sensitive here dude. It's a one-liner in a comic book. Try not to read so far into it.

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    While I am sure I am being overly sensitive seeing that link which is to an earlier comic probably Manifolds first appearance, I am now perplexed does that mean Manifold does wear diapers or was that a whine that Gateway (his trainer and an Aboriginal mutant Marvel had I think since the '90s) dressed him that way? .... I probably need to find the whole issue to answer it but even so these are cheap forms of offensive humor.

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