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Thread: any ab/dl related games?

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    Default any ab/dl related games?

    i remember a few old Game Maker made ones, anyone know any ABDL related games?

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    I haven't seen any that's based off of ABDL recently. I have seen one that was made with rpg maker but I forgot that name, it's a old game. I've seen mods for the Sims games and stuff for second life.

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    Need someone to remake/finish the one from RPG maker. It was an interesting game, kind of fantasyish but at least could of been a decent game with ABDL tones.

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    I recall seeing some related games on Fox Tales Times ( I think)

    Abdoral was one of them?

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    Does anyone have any experience with mods (skyrim, sims) or game maker studio on steam? We should get some like minded people together and make our own game!

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    Foxtalestimes and the forum has a degree of game development going on. CS got back into some project or another once he stopped dealing with the forum's administration.

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    ive been using gamemaker for at 5 or 6 years i cant exactly remember

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    By the way for anyone who has moments of being...daft (does that work?) like myself (still feel stupid not seeing this) but the forum link of FTT is incorrect, there is a post on the main page with the new forum.

    There was one on there under Lafwirm or something like that, that was surprisingly pretty good, some issues but better then expected. Incomplete though.

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    A role-play game would be pretty cool - a diapered hero deafeating the forces of darkness or a 1-year-old crimefighter. He's a baby by day but at night he's known only as a small shadow that vanishes into the night and keeps Fictionalville safe. Okay I really need to stop watching reruns of Batman...

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