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Thread: Who will you tribute?

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    Default Who will you tribute?

    If you wanted to tribute to one person on the board (old or new). Who will it be and why?

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    Tigger, because he rox0rz!

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    Ah, tributes!

    I can't pick just one person to tribute, but if I may, I would like to offer my tribute up to the moderators of both the original (and new) board, as well as the interim moderators that kept everybody's spirits high and answered questions when the new forums were being worked on! Without their help, I don't think the change would have nearly been as organized, and I especially think that Danny's oversight of the previoius temporary forums did a lot to help people feel a part and feel like they were heard!

    This goes for everybody -- Moo, Charlie, Peachy, Kraiden, and the list goes on! You keep this place from being Lord of the Flies, and for that, I salute you!

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    Ummm I can't tribute ONE person. I could say Moo but if all of you weren't here the forums wouldn't be as good as they are.

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    I don't think I could choose just a single person. And if I made a list, I'm sure I would forget someone, and that's no good! So I'm going to go with Moo, cause he has worked so hard at providing us this forum, and with all that's been going with the server, has kept things going as best he can.

    A tribute to Moo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    Ummm I can't tribute ONE person. I could say Moo but if all of you weren't here the forums wouldn't be as good as they are.
    I could not possibly list all those deserving;

    But I'll name a few...
    Moo: first and foremost, for the beginning of it all, and for all his recent efforts to revive the forums: which are so important to so many for their own individual reasons, as well as to the community as a whole. Providing a safe and useful and fun place for minors is a fine balancing act; that he pulled it off as a place concerned with fetishism is staggering.

    Danny the ninja: for stepping into the breach with temp forums, helping to keep the hope alive (and all at a moment's notice)

    Avery who reminds us to embrace rl and its opportunities, and makes me laugh

    All the mods, for level-headedness and effectiveness and all the behind-the-scenes work I can't even guess at. This includes Charley, and a certain sometimes grumpy kitty... and I single out Kraiden for his macros.

    Trevor, who sensible and wise things

    Ayanna who is always entertaining, not afraid to call bullshit, and is usually right.

    Mysika, whose posts are always interesting, and who has a unique, consistent, and thought-provocative point of view, and welcomes all the attention we are happy to give her, especially in tributes

    Doodle, dprFox, Danny, and all those who help us tech-noobs with our problems and good tips and advices

    All those who contributed to the diaper talk thread (temp forums)

    Would pamperz siz4 fit my 38" waist
    (broken URL)

    which will always (I hope) be there when I feel the need to laugh until my gut aches, my beverage is sprayed out my nose, and tears run down mah cheeks

    Chilly, Kuzzy, Yawgmoth, Wringer: some more of the people whose posts I go out of my way to look for
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    i think localraccoon nailed it. anyone i would have said and why i couldn't have said better.

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    Drew, for all he's done. For me and others

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    Yaaay!!! Mentioning...
    I think if it's just one person I might say Rance... He's like the one with the awesome attitude on the forum... I mean Kraiden and Peachy are like the favourites but they are like... well like the types of super heroes that are praised by the general populous... Rance is more like a Vigilante... and they're the cooler types of heroes...
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    I'm gonna say, everybody who has made this place a great place to be.

    But, an extra special one to everybody who actually sat down and understood me, instead of just witch hunting me to death. Thanks.

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