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Thread: Alo~ mon amis~ XD

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    Default Alo~ mon amis~ XD

    w00t! I's here.... Probably not gonna stick around 'till its sorted out!

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    lets have a forum party, WOOT WOOT,*gets out the cake, party hats and calls a comedian

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    Heh, call 2, the ranting gryphon, that guys doesn't call himself a comedian, but he sure is extremely funny, naw, he just calls himself a professional ranter, but to me he's a comedian, lol.....

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    welcome back, Yuki..stick around anyway, if everyone waited until the forums were back up, these temp ones would be pointless...

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    heh, andysetra has a point there, and *crosses his fingers in hope* the REAL techies are working on Moo's server, so we might *crosses toes* get the old tbdl back.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
    w00t! I's here.... Probably not gonna stick around 'till its sorted out!
    *gets a huge bucket full of super glue and glues you to the wall* There we you will stick around! :p

    Welcome back anyway!


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    It site may seem to be a bit irratic and posts being reset/lost. But I think It would be fun if you stuck around. It may not be what you used to but eventually you'll get used to the waiting and pain as the front page keeps changing back and forth.

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