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Thread: Online diaper ordering tips?

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    Default Online diaper ordering tips?

    I'm finally moving out of my parents house and will be able order diapers online! (Depends just aint cuttin it lol) Any tips for where and how to order? I've been thinking about ABU because it seems to have a decent reputation around here. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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    I've had great luck with Bambino - always delivered quickly and always received what I paid for.
    In fact, once I received some diapers from them that were defective and they were quite gracious in making it right and sending me replacements...
    They'd be a good place to start.

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    Alright thanks for your help I'll have to try them out. I kind of want to get a feel for what's really good to order and than just kind of experiment from there but just about anything will be better than Depends.

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    Either go with these options, or carries the more popular brands, or

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    I had a good experience with metromedical when I was looking for a brand of diaper that xp didn't carry.

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    I always order from XP Medical. I have never had any issues with an order from them. They carry both Abena's and Dry 24/7 which are my personal favorites.

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    I really like XP Medical as well, they have absolutely never let me down. They carry good quality diapers, have impeccable service and are very reliable.

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    Default Re: Online diaper ordering tips?

    Another +1 to XP Medical. They've been fantastic to buy from and stand behind their products. They are discrete and offer top shelf diapers.

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    I also use XP Medical. I'm also going to get their automatic order service on Dry24/7's and get 5% off on case price.
    I also use HDIS which has given me good service on my Attends which I also get on their PDP service. I get my monthly
    shipments when needed so I don't run out.

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    Well, if you are new to ordering premium diapers and are unsure exactly which to go with, I recommend ordering sample packs fromall these various places. That way you save money and can zero in on the brand and style of diaper you like best.

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