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Thread: girl's view on universal guy pronouns.

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    Default girl's view on universal guy pronouns.

    This is a question more for cisgirls or people with a girl identity (MtF). I was wondering the views on pronouns like "bro (Brony) "Dude" or others like "Hey guys" to mean both genders.

    Being called dude really bothers me. I guess for me it is the same affect being called he or whatever. Even before coming out trans though the dude thing always bugged me but I didn't know why.

    The guys thing, I guess it is something I have to live with. I am a bit neutral over this one. (I would prefer something that really sounded more neutral though)

    "Bronys" I am gonna assume guys started this since I do not think issues come up over girls liking MLP. It kind of shocked me seeing how much "Brony" was used in the MLP thread. So can girls have one too? >.>

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    I know some girls use pegasisters instead of brony.

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    I was just told that actually and that gave me the idea to write this. I thought she was making it up lol XD

    I am gonna use that for now on XD

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    There is pegasister, but all the (ok, 1) female fan of MLP I know personally hates the term and prefers brony.
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    When you live in a town full of surfers, you get "dude"-ed or "bro"-ed at least once a day if you go outside.
    I don't like it. >.< Not one bit.

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    The reason is because it sounds good no one has made up the term sisny because it doesn't sound right. Pegasis is the best and only one that I've heard of so far.

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    I understand you would want something different from brony but would pegasister only mean Pegasus female ponys but not earth and unicorn ponys? I mean i would feel a bit left out being a earth pony and called pegasista at least brony covered all 3.

    (yes my pony version is a earth pony MLP Siddy by monstersids -- Fur Affinity [dot] net )

    Pegasus already feel like they are the best as it is... just sayin *does AJ's lying face*

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    I have heard alot of dudette and the like.

    This is a patriarchal society, Male is the default for groups.

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    Ya I kind of got that.. but.. I mean like.. why does the male need to be default? Is it suppose to imply they have more social power or what?

    I mean I never liked it and I never really liked being called dude....

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