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Thread: Any other road geeks around here?

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    Default Any other road geeks around here?

    I had to ask this question cause I have always been a road geek, fascinated with the American interstate system, foreign highway systems and so forth. I have always had this interest and when I was a kid- even as an adult I would draw out fantasy freeways.

    I wonder if anyone else here shares my hobby of roadgeeking. I am a road geek and proud of it! I still collect maps and I watch road geek videos on YouTube all the time!

    So- I was wondering if anyone else is a roadgeek like myself.


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    This is easily the first time I've seen a "roadgeek" who doesn't actually drive at all. Personally I love driving now, when there's few people on the road. Which doesn't happen often at all around this area.


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    I may not drive, but I do appreciate the infrastructre for some reason I always have. Not sure why but ever since i was a kid I have always been a road geek. I still am cause it is something that brings joy to me even though I don't drive.

    If I did drive, I'd probably spend my time cruising around the freeways I have always wanted to see and sites I have always wanted to see. At lesat with the internet I can see the world, roads and sit back in my recliner!

    Plus, I do love racing games, driving games where there is a city and freeways to explore.


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    I read the first like 3 times wonder how Fire2box known that WildThing121675 don't drive XD

    I do not think I would fit road geek, but I have (had might be more accurate) a light fascination with bridges. My mom had a thing of going to uni class about design and would make them out of little wooden sticks. The idea was to use theories of well-placed cross beams and that bit of extra material where cross beams meet. The idea was to make a model bridge that could hold up a lot of weight. She bragged about her bridge was one of the ones that held the most weight while using less material. Hers pushed something like 100 ibs before breaking and this thing was made out of small wood pieces XD She also made me one to play with and pained it orange.$%28KGrHqN,!h8E-tBqZ0uTBPum6d5H!Q~~60_1.JPG (not sure why forum is not making it click able><)

    It looked like that but the wood was about ˝ as thick and way thinner for those beam junction things. She made the beams actually meet each other and put the small wooden plate over it and that meant a lot less wood for the plates then shown in this picky.

    She also made rubber-band car slingshot things from wood and... well mostly wood. She did it when I was little so I do not remember the details well anymore.

    The main thing I care about roads is how they are falling apart =/

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    I'm not a "road-geek" - but I'm an avid motorist .... nothing beats a curvy mountain road and a high powered motorcycle or a sports car...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CutePrincess View Post
    I read the first like 3 times wonder how Fire2box known that WildThing121675 don't drive XD
    Years of off and on chatting. I've "known" a few member on adisc for longer then I've been on adisc. Wildthing, Calico and Icey being the first three that come to mind and because I know they are still active here. Clearly wildthing has a phobia of driving as i do as well. Though I have driven on a rural highway around here. It's city type driving that has me nervous now.

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