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Thread: Tips for looking for a mommy

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    Default Tips for looking for a mommy

    I have been looking for one for awhile now, and have not had any luck. Does anyone here have ideas that could help me?


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    This is a tough one because it involves finding someone that has to be a willing carer, that you will like and that will like you. In my opinion the best things to do will be to just get out there and start meeting people. If you will focus on those groups that cater more to kinks, and the like, you may have more luck.

    I don't know you so this may not apply, but work on the following parts of your personality. Strive to become a very giving, sharing and open person. Selfishness is a common attribute in DL's and is one thing that will harm any relationship. Also strive to be very gentile, kind, tender and meek.

    Most of all, be patient because this may take you quite a bit of time.

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