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Thread: hey there, it's FireFoxx ^_^

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    Default hey there, it's FireFoxx ^_^

    Hi there everyone,

    The name is Mike, but i prefer to go by my furry name, FireFoxx.

    I'm a babyfur, been wearing diapers for almost 3 years now and loving it ^_^. although that is only when i can afford them of course. its kinda hard to get them on my budget. On top of that i have been a furry for almost 7 years. I got into diapers one day when i was at a furry meet and i noticed, when one of my friends bent over to pick up a drink and his shirt rose up a little bit, that he was wearing a diaper. Well i drug him off to the side and told him that i had noticed, and he got all scared, thinking i wouldn't like him any more. Well needless to say i am a very open person and i at least try everything once. i calmed him down simply by asking him if i could try it. he got super excited and took me upstairs and let me try one on. Well needless to say i absolutely LOVED it and i have been wearing ever since. I also discovered my sissy side about a year after i started wearing diapers, and 4 months ago i bought my first skirt and other sissy baby stuff ^_^

    Heh, now that i got my life story out of the way XD. there isn't much to me really. I'm a simple person. 19 years old, ill be 20 just after christmass. slinder build: 5' 11" at 145 lbs. I'm bisexual. that's right ladies and gents, gender means nothing to me, only the person's heart means anything and everything to me. I am a very very very open person. you can ask me anything and i am always happy and willing to answer, i have nothing to hide. And outside of that i will try ANYTHING at least once, whether it is sexual or not.

    As far as my likes and dislikes go, pretty simple list. I am a hobbiest photographer, i also love working with computers, whether it be fixing them, or playing with them. I also am getting my foot in the door to be an internet DJ. It is very hard for me to find something that i don't like. The only thing i really don't like are people that think they are better than someone or every one else. I think that every body should be given AT LEAST one chance to prove themselves. bassically in my eyes, everyone is my friend and i will do anything to protect and help my friends without hesitation unless they give me a real reason for me not to like them.

    I'm just a lovable little foxy that is just trying to get out there and make plenty of friends ^_^

    Well that is all for now, if you wish to ask me anything please do not hesitate to ask. like i said, i am an open book and will openly answer anything. And also feel free to private message me if you would preffer to talk that way ofcourse

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    Hehe, thank you guys, i do beleive i will. question though. how many posts will it take for me to gain access to the live chat?

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    Mozilla gonna sue you now dawg. They don' like nobody infringin' on their trademarks.

    Naww, I'm just teasin'. Welcome aboard, have a great time here!


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    Welcome aboard the USS (or HMS for you brits) ADISC!

    Keep your trout polished!

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    Internet DJ you say, well Adisc has it's own internet radio station currently, or at least was currently, run by Corri_aka_Drew

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    Welcome to Adisc, FireFoxx. I'm sure you'll like it here.

    Hope to see you posting

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    hehe, dont worry, i will be posting plenty, and thank you Hypno, ill look into that

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