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Thread: Fabine Exclusive diapers UK

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    Default Fabine Exclusive diapers UK

    These are being sold on ebay at the moment and i sampled a pack for a large fee of course.

    I think overall they are great but only as a treat diaper. I can't believe they hold 4 litres of wee. I could never fill one.

    What are your overall experiences of these and was it positive or negative?

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    My wife / mommy bought me 8 bags and she uses them as a treat as well. There nice and thick but the bottom tapes don't hold very well and when there full they are very heavy and tend to fall off.

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    would love to try these but not at those prices!

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    Just Baught pack of 2 of these of eBay can't wait for them to be delivered heard there very good

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    if you want to buy them, you are far better going to the distributers website (just google fabine exclusive and it will come up) as i have found that shipping form them directly works out to be cheaper then the deals that are on ebay (plus, they are super quick too ... mine came in just over a week)

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    I Baught 2 and with shipping cost 11 and they due to arrive on Friday so think that quite good

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    Oh I love these so much! They are so cute.
    My only complaint though, is that they don't really have that same feeling as the diapers I wore when I was a baby. So I don't get the nostalgia feeling. (I was in diapers from '91-94). But since those are currently my only choice due to my geographic location other than Tena, they are my current favorite. (I can't say anything about the Pampers replicas because the shipping rate is $70 alone, so I won't be trying those anytime soon.) But having a fun print is really important to me as it makes me feel babyish and girly and pretty. I don't have access to anything else like that.

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    I'm same as you of being baby 91-95 and I don't really remember what nappies I wore as baby, at min I'm wearing cuddlz printed nappies witch are very babyish and very comfy

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    I have some Fabeines size medium, a bit bulky, usually wears smalls.
    The absorbtion is amazing, better than both Tena Maxi and Abena S4.

    The tapes hold really good, but if you unsticks them an resticks them they tend to unstick.
    (in short dont remove or they wont work)

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