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Thread: Was I just busted ??!!??

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    Default Was I just busted ??!!??

    Ok, I went shopping at the local Safeway today, While its not my favorite store to shop due to some of the not so nice cashiers in this particular store, they have a Pharmacy with lower prices than most places, I usually take most of my grocery shopping elsewhere.

    Well, I found myself walking down the baby aisle there for the first time in the 20 years i've lived here (like I said, I usually do my general shopping elsewhere) looking for wet wipes, I saw a sign above the left side shelving about midway down that said "Infant toiletries", I beelined for it, only to find myself facing a wall of late toddler diapers, looked left, looked right, nothing but diapers!? ok. I muttered to myself 'so, where are the wet wipes?!' and a lady with a shopping cart nearby said 'they're right behind you!', I turned around and lo and behold! wet wipes! (not the end of the story)

    I was a bit dazed at getting a response from an under my breath muttering, from someone I hadn't even noticed being there a moment before, I grabbed the first bulk bag of Huggies wet wipes that came to hand, then, after looking at them a little bit closer, found they weren't the ones I was actually liked, put them back on the shelf, and grabbed the soft skin ones, right then, the lady said 'Are you Toilet training?', I said 'Naw, these are for personal use, I don't have any children', she said' yeah, they're great for cleaning up all sorts of messes' , 'Uh, yeah.' I replied, and started walking off in the general direction of the pharmacy, and she repeated it again, 'these are Really good at cleaning up all sorts of messes!'
    I was still a bit dazed (reason for pharmacy trip was to get more insulin because I'd run out and blood sugar was high, therefore a bit dazed)
    it didn't occur to me till half an hour later just how weird the conversation was until I got home, and saw myself in the mirror, I had gone out with an Abena M4, a white support onsie, jeans, and a sweater. the sweater had ridden up, I'd forgotten to belt my jeans, the onesie was showing quite clearly, as well as the Abena diaper stripes beneath, oops! ouch.
    what got me the most, in hindsight, I got the distinct impression she was trying to get a conversation going. and I blew it, for being dazed from the blood sugar issues, and embarrased for even being seen in the baby aisle

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    Well no seeing as you didn't even know the lady in question. I doubt she noticed and I doubt she would have known that the stripes she saw (on the unlikely chance she did see them) were from an M4, people use wet wipes for reasons other than babies/toddlers as we have a pack at home and at uni we have a pack in the house if we need to clean up something in the kitchen and paper towels aren't working. Sure it may feel like she knew but remember that you're acutely aware of diapers and the general population is not so while it may seem like there was neon sign flashing "Adult in diapers here!" it is likely that most people will not notice and even then it is even less likely that they'll remember or care about such a trivial thing.

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    umm, yeah, one of the main reasons I purchased them, not for a baby
    the whole bit felt really wierd on the backside

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    Probably having high blood sugar hasn't helped with the lasting impression, as it may be imprinted into your memory. (My wife is diabetic) I'd just try to get this one out of your head. It was sort of weird. It's possible she was incontinent, and she felt you as a kindred spirit.

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    I hate to tell you this but no, you weren't busted. I have lots of friends who go camping with me a lot and baby wipes are standard gear for everyone in the absence of a hot shower. They are also great fo sanitizing all kinds of stuff. Its pure fantasy to think that this lady concluded you were a diaper wearer just because you were buying wipes. Also, it's highly unlikely that she was scrutinizing your ass, and even it she were, it is very unlikely that she would have realized you were diapered. Sorry.

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    It isn't busted if you dot know the person and you are unlikely to ever see them again. You certainty could have been there for wipes for a non conventional use, but then that doesn't matter because you don't know her.

    Most people are not so judgmental to look at you buying baby wipes as meaning anything.

    Ok, the lady asked if you were potty training. Most people just naturally assume others are going through the same thing you are. Just like one of the last things that you mention. She assumes you are potty training, unless she had already noticed your diaper which is unlikely. You assume she might have an interest in diapers and that she was trying to strike up a conversation, looking for something in common. The reality is that she is probably potty training, and you have no interest in being potty trained. She was just being kind and was likely just a friendly sort of person trying to strike a conversation.

    She may have noticed your diaper after some of the pretty open things that you said. But then again, it doesn't matter because she did not know you and is unlikely to ever care long term.

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    She could easily be potty training her child and thought you might be potty training a child... I doubt that she was really looking at your crotch. I also doubt she would recognise the stipes on your nappy.

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    Was she hot?

    Edit:Figured I should probably add this. If it was just some random old lady, that'd be kinda weird and creepy, but if she were hot that'd be awesome. Sorry, just got back from kicking it with the homies so I'm still in that mindset a bit, clearl., lol.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, now that I've read the post and thought about it for a second. While it's true many of us often over think who notices when we wear in public and it's possible the op could be doing it in this case, I feel if she had a clear view of the onsie with diaper underneath, I think that most people would recognize this. First off, it certainly wouldn't look like normal boxers or underwear so that may draw attention, secondly a onsie is pretty tight so a definite bulge would probably be visible, whether someone identifies the bulge for what it is, I can't say, but the fact that the diaper itself was semi visible would only make it easier to identify. I'd say in this situation it definitely seems more likely than usual that she could've noticed and the way she acted really makes me wonder, but overall it's still probably less likely she noticed.
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    I'm just going to say - She didn't notice. People are oblivious as all hell.

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    I'm sure you're fine, she'd have only picked up on it if she was a carer or wearer herself, so nothing to worry about there.

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