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Thread: Does purging make oneself more "vanilla?"

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    Default Does purging make oneself more "vanilla?"

    I am dependent on DL fantasies for ... arousal, at least in my head. I have never purged my DL in my head even while I purged in actions. I was wondering, for fellow DLs like me (spoilered out just in case it's a little too much detail for people's taste):

    What advice does anyone have?

    Thank you.

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    Everyone is different While you have never purged as such, you may be over thinking the reliance on diapers. If you believe you are not capable of "vanilla" sex then you'll probably doubt yourself into not being able to do so.

    I would try and have a break from diapers. If your wife knows about your dependence then talk to her openly, tell her your hesitations. It may take a little while, but you are trying to conceive another life, and that is worth all the effort! If you work at it, you can do it, and the minute it does work, "vanilla" sex will more than likely become far greater than just a flavor!

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    This reminds me of a "Law and Order SVU" episode where the perp could only have sex while looking at porn because he had become so addicted to it. Though I don't think that would be your case, I agree that taking a break from diapers might help, especially if the diapers lead to a sexual response. Going several days without a "response" could make the magic night happen. Also, if you were looking for a pregnancy, diapers can bring a lot of heat to an area that ought to remain cooler for healthy sperm. Good luck friend.

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    Everyone is different but I would say it is unlikely that purging will lead to a more vanilla sexual relationship. Taking a break from the diapers will essentially have the same effect as purging. Typically, purging will give you a period of time where you may be without the diapers then at some point the urge and desire to be diapered will return and often with much more intensity.

    Here are a couple of approaches that might work for you. The first would be to take that break from diapers as lockeaneba has suggested. Focus your sexual urges on spending time with your wife. I your need is not satisfied while diapered it will be easier to do this with your wife. This will take some will power, exactly as purging will, but as long as you do not cave it could work.

    The other approach would be possible if your wife is aware of your diapers and is accepting of that part of you. I you are truly having an issue in this area discuss the possibility of integrating the diapers in the play, or even her allowing you to be diapered as a sort of reward after you have taken care of your business. I can tell you that creatively making love while diapered can be an amazing experience.

    Best of luck.

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