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Thread: What is your favourite thing about diapers?

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    Default What is your favourite thing about diapers?

    Mine is after I've slept in one when I wake up the next morning, it just makes me feel so good. What's your favourite thing?

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    I think it has to be how they crinkle and feel. I am always very fond of things that are soft to touch, and the feel of a soft diaper between my legs is wonderous. I also like the sound they make. It's like it is their to remind you that you're in a diaper and you are safe from any accidents. I could go on about other things that I like about them, but I think their softness and crinklyness is what makes them so desirable for me the most.

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    My enjoyment lies almost completely in the convenience.
    What's that? You have to get up to pee in the middle of a match (Be it League of legends or Team Fortress or *gasp*, Call of duty)?
    And you can't hold it?
    In this way, diapers prove useful for not getting banned/ staying a credit to team/ not getting called a plethora of things by a group of angry ten-year-olds (you know what I'm talking about, Call of Duty fans).

    Without a diaper, you can risk 1. Peeing (or #2-ing) yourself (unprotected)
    2. Losing focus (try ganking noobs on a full bladder, I dare you)
    3. Everything aforementioned above
    With a diaper however, you can do your business and still be a credit to team.

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    I love how tight they feel around the waist and of course the extra padding. I also get turned on by the crinkle because I think it feeds into the shame aspect of wearing a diaper. Finally who does not appreciate the convenience of wearing a diapee?

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    My preferred thing is that they provide protection, I feel secure in them and that they are very comfortable It just feels nice having one on me.

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    I like the feeling of the wet diaper...waking up in a nice, soaked diaper is the best. If you want to sleep in, I don't have to get out of bed to use the bathroom. Maybe I'm just lazy

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    I love the comfort of them. Soft and secure, and they just make me feel ok. It's like a pillow for my groin, who wouldn't love that?

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    The sense of security that they provide, not to mention the comfy padding! The feeling of going from a wet to a fresh dry diaper is also a favourite moment!

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    I like that when wearing a diaper it feels like I am constanly getting a hug. its just a safe and secure feeling.

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