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    Monky and I are trying to develop a game for the community and we would like some input from the community here on what type of game we should create. For you coders out there we do need some help coding. The language that we will be coding in for the game is java. I know... I know... It's the only language that we both know pretty well. It will be posted on gamejolt were indie developers show there games and will be it is free for download when finished.

    Also we are looking for graphics people also. I'm thinking 2d graphics, if someone wants to make it 3d more power to them.


    That's pretty much the thoughts that we have had. Any others will be appreciated greatly.

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    I'm a programmer, but I think I tend to burn myself out at work doing such things. I tend to gravitate toward the much higher level when I'm at home and contemplating game design (ie: Unity and tools like that). I also haven't used proper Java for more than minor edits in a few years, and my game library knowledge is nonexistant.

    Nevertheless, I hope this takes off, it's always exciting when people have their initial passion for a new project! Here are some more thoughts from my collection of related ponderings...

    2D graphics are definitely ideal for indie developers because you can squeeze a lot more attractive detail with a lot less investment in time and energy - you can see the payoff in modern games like The Binding of Isaac and FTL that both had relatively short development cycles and virtually no staff working on it.

    What kind of RPG are you looking to make? An action RPG like Zelda, or a more strategic one like the classic Final Fantasy's or something in-between? Do you have any storyline ideas or characters picked out?

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