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    i might be taking a bus trip soon ( 8 hours ) on a greyhound bus...are there bathrooms or should i just go padded?

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    padded wooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    Greyhound does have restrooms in the bus. However, do you know for certain that it will be a Greyhound bus and not a subcontracted bus? The other companies do not always provide the same quality as Greyhound.

    If you have to switch to a different brand bus during the journey, the other company may not provide one. Years ago, I bought Greyhound bus tickets from Roseburg to Bend. The trip was roughly half a day. The first half of the trip was on a Greyhound bus. Once I arrived in Eugene, I had to transfer to a smaller company bus to go through the Cascade Mountains into Bend. This bus was only a 15 passenger short bus and had no such facility.

    Another question is how much you despise unclean restrooms. Greyhound does not have the same cleaning policy as more expensive options. The few times that I have traveled by bus, I was disappointed by the cleanliness. Some people have difficulty using stationary toilets. One installed in a moving vehicle is even more problematic. Nothing like a pothole or expansion gap to upset one's aim.

    IMHO, wearing a diaper is the best option. Not only is it more sanitary, the waiting line will always be shorter. Either way you choose, have anti-bacterial wipes (Wet Ones or baby wipes) and waterless hand sanitizer (Purel) in your carry-on luggage.

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    Thanks for the advice so far, and my plan is to go padded anyhow...during car trips i have to pee often anyhow.

    Like Monday I drove to the mall ( 70 miles ) and had to stop to tinkle 4 times...

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    Diaper, unless you are uncomfortable going in front of other people. For me, when I am around others (like at lunch at school) I cant get a drop out. So, I would go with either hand-sanitizer and wet-ones (because they don't have any smell), or diapers and wipes and powder.

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    go padded! :] sounds like fun to me.

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    Wearing diaper, of course !

    It is fun, safe, clean, ...

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