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    Question new york furries

    Recently I visited newyork city on vacation and walked through the streets of Manhatan. I realized something, there are alot of furries their or just lots of people in big friendly furry suits. I was wondering something, I dont consider myself a furry as of yet but I was wondering If the people parading around on the street are furry or not how can you tell if someone is. On top of that how would I tell if they're diaper fur? I mean the perfect way to hide the fact your in a diaper would be in a giaint dog suit? Am i right?

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    Some wear diapers on top some have pacifiers, but same with a person, you can't tell if they at abdl either unless they tell you or express it. Most furries have a sense of safety in their suit so there is a better chance that they will have some form of abdl paraphernalia on then. I've never actually tried to put a diaper on my suit as I have a fairly large tail.

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    With out a pic i cant really say. There are people that just buy cheep suit from walmart or a sports team suit, these kind of suit dont always have someone that is a furry.

    Suits that look unique and are not tided to a some kind of brand are the furries.

    Most furs that are Baby/diaper fur would sometimes have a badge of themselves. Some of these badges may their fursona drawn being in a diaper or as a cub. On that note you will never see a fursuiter wearing a diaper outside the suit unless its in their home or room at a con.

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    With out a pic i cant really say.
    I know i wish id taken a photobut my phone was dead when i saw them or we were moving too fast or i was just lazy. to be honest i had lots of chances but did not.

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    Depends on when this was, just recently there was an end of the world Furry convention that happened today, not sure where it started.

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