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Thread: Thickest Diaper

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    Default Thickest Diaper

    Hi All,
    Fairly new here so go easy lol,
    Are the 24/7 drys the thickest disposable diaper? I am looking for a thick diaper as i mainly use diapers from ABU's range, i find with most diapers after 3 wets they start to leak..
    Have a happy wet weekend

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    I wear Dry24/7's every night. I have very few leaks with them and when they have it's been my fault. I'm a side sleeper and sometimes I can be pointing off to side when I let go
    and can get a leak. When I take off my plastic pants I sometimes have alitte pee in them. I normally go 4 to 5 times in them with no leaks.

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    naw, try the Fabines, the 24/7's run a close second though

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    the thickest I've ever worn is 24/7 and they hardly leak when I wear them, I say hardly cause I take them to the limit just about every time.

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    welcome theres no going hard on here try something called dry 24/7's their very thick.
    OOPS should have read the other comments before replying lol i agree with everyone else
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    I haven't tried the 24/7, but Cuddlz (Bambinos in the US) and the Abena Abri-form M4 are the thickest I've tried...

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    Cool thanks i will try them out soon as i can get some posted to me :-)

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    the thickest diapers ive tried are the abena abriform m4 and l4

    but now they suck for me because they have switched to clothlike backing in aus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by perthdl View Post
    the thickest diapers ive tried are the abena abriform m4 and l4

    but now they suck for me because they have switched to clothlike backing in aus.
    That sucks! I hope they keep the plastic-backed ones for the UK market. I've heard rumours that they will stop production early next year... But they said that last year too, so hopefully they've listened to their customers!

    I chanced upon an incontinence forum where they were complaining about the fake-cloth backed version. I can't understand hat Abena are thinking...

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    Ok good to know, i usually use a range of different ones from Abu

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