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Thread: Drunk Again... I feel good!

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    Default Drunk Again... I feel good!

    I know drinking problems have been adressed in past polls but... I and my shrink don't concider this a problem. We had a session and discussed it Thursday. I've been on a antibiotic for ten days. That means no alcohol so the drug can work properly. I had no problem with that but missed my wine with dinner. Tis Friday and I'm on my 4th glass of wine, had a great dinner, in a thick wet stuffed diaper and wearing my new footie PJs.

    Life is good again!

    I'm rambling and forgot my point. It's good to feel good again. I hope the rest of you ADISCers are happy tonight too!


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    I love beer and getting drunk. Miller high life is so good. So is rum. "where has all the rum gone" lol

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    I actually haven't tried wine myself mainly since no one around me drinks the stuff. My mom's household can't even afford Budwiser then again all better tastes nasty as it is. Anyways so far to me Rum is the best, its easy and taste relatively good maybe due to sugar or something.

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    I once got horribly piss drunk and have kept moderation since then.

    But, I'm glad to hear that your in a good mood.

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    You are not drunk ... you are merry. If you are like my parents, you are merry up until the point you are falling over.

    Glad you could have a great time - just being able to sit back and enjoy yourself is great - alcohol or no.

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    I'm in the opposite position here. I want to go out drinking, but everybody I know are either lame and/or busy tonight, leaving me bored and sober.

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    Wine is a happy drink

    Quote Originally Posted by mzkkbprmt View Post
    You are not drunk ... you are merry. If you are like my parents, you are merry up until the point you are falling over.
    Hehehe, I don't if I was supposed to laugh at that, but I did

    I've learned where my moderation lies. I still find it sad when people my age come out and have "a drink" and then go nuts, thinking they're invicible. Then I have to drag their sorry asses out to their ride home :/

    The way I see, learn your limits at a young age (18-22) so you don't make an ass of yourself when you're older!

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    If you can still type readible English with the help of another person and remember your password, you're not drunk. Gotta try harder


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    I can't drink any more because I destroyed my stomach by constant binge drinking in college. My most memorable drunk from the college days was the last few days of school. Finals were just about over, and a bunch of us were celebrating in a dorm room. I was terribly depressed about leaving because I had stupidly fallen in love with a townie, and we would have to part. Being drunk I started to cry and started to talk about him....yes him. Sobering up is such an incredible embarresing thing to do.

    As a side note, I moved to Ohio after that, married and my wife and I bought our first house. I got a phone call from my little friend from Princeton, and he and two others, one another I was in love with as well, were coming through town, so they dropped in and stayed at our house. It was so good to see them again! After we moved to Lynchburg years later, I got a phone call, and the other one was in town with his new wife, and they came over to the house. It's amazing how friendships can stand the test of time, and how connected we sometimes are.

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