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Thread: Hello adisc! :)

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    Default Hello adisc! :)

    Hey all,
    Im making my introduction to ADISC. I hope we can get along fine and have many conversations over my time as a member.
    Im happy to talk about anything really, although i would prefer to keep away from diaper talk if in a conversation, unless asked a question about it, afterall...we dont have to revolve around diapers, or do we here? Things i like to talk about include - Music, Television, Clothing, Movies and General randomness.

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    Well the only place diaper talk is big is in the diaper section here lol XD Still now you got me wondering if you like girly ones or not since that is the reason I am starting to get interested in diapers XD

    A lot of "randomness" you can find in the off topic place. There is a threads in that section asking what games you like or what you think is the worst movie of all time.

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