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Thread: Nebraska - Child Dumping State

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    Default Nebraska - Child Dumping State

    Probably some of you have heard a little about this in the news. The State of Nebraska has a "safe haven" law which allows parents to hand over their infants to hospitals without facing charges of abandonment. With teens being left at hospitals, Nebraska Legislature sets hearing - One problem, however - there was no age limit stipulated in the law which took affect in July such as all other states have done. As a result, at least one parent has come in from another state to *dump off* their (unwanted?) kid. These aren't infants, but older children - 13 out of 17 thrown away children were over the age of ten. The four younger kids were all left by the same person.

    Now I heard on the news tonight, Nebraska is pushing through emergency legislation to put a cap on the age to a period of several days, since the law was designed to protect infants. I don't think Nebraska lawmakers ever even envisioned parents dropping off older kids the way they are. What the state is fearful of is that they'll be a sudden rush to dump other kids off before the law is revised, which they say will take about a week to do.

    This is really sad! To see parents get to such a point of exasperation with their children they just want to literally throw them away instead of try to continue working with them to iron out problems, or seek help from professional family counselors. I mean, these kids are their own flesh and blood, their progeny who carry the family name, their offspring who would help care for them as parents in their elderly years. After putting so many years of work into raising them, how can you drive them to a hospital, dump them off, and ride away pretty much erasing them out of your life as though they never existed? Not saying there isn't any emotional feelings on the part of the parent(s) while doing this to their children, I'm sure there has to be. It just seems to me there had to be another solution to the problems that drove them to this extreme. Call me overly sensitive, it just saddens me very much to see families having serious problems between members, and for it to get to this point of actually dumping the kids like yesterday's trash really tears me up inside.


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    I agree with you 100% Pram; I think this is very sad.

    In Florida we have our own Safe Haven law that allows parents to drop off their infants within the first 3 days of being born at a hospital, police station or fire department without facing any penaties. I think that is good but this is just discusting. The most reasent case I heard of was a mother dropped off her 8 yr old son at a Nebraska hospital and it made me want to cry. Think of all the unneeded drama that the boy is going to go through.

    I really hope something changes.

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    I feel sorry for the kids. Think about the all stuff they have to go through when they grow up and what are you going to tell that their mommy and daddy didn't want them so they dump you off at some place. It freaking sad and Nebraska should have put a freaking time limit on the law so crap like this don't happen.

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    This is stupid as hell and I don't get how it can happen either. People were raising these kids for years and they abandoned them like that? I can understand that some people are unfit mentally, physically or financial wise and there's no other option. But for the people that are just giving up on their family's are just complete you know whats.

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    During the Great Depression there were train loads of children who were taken to orphanages because their parents didn't have the money to take care of them. I knew a man who was a product of this. To make matters worse, he was one of many brothers and sisters, and they chose him to leave, while the others stayed. When I met him, he was in his 50's and living in the basement apartment of a house, his life destroyed. That's what happens to abandoned kids.

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    Here in Kansas, there was a lady that left her infant in a dumpster last year. I work with her and she's actualy a rather nice person.

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    Yes, it is pretty low for a parent just to leave their kid like that. The parent's may feel its ethical in the sense that the children may get some shelter and something to eat. But really, you have destroyed the emotional well being of the children. And as Dogboy pointed out. There lives will be pretty dim. But surely its nothing near as bad as having the children and just being extra tight on the budget, and asking for help. They are not the only one in such a state!

    But then again, you ask yourselves, is this the kind of parent that actually cares for their children? Or would they be better off if they were cared by some one else?

    I just hope they can make an exception and trace the children back to their parents. No one should really have to do this. They are just abusing the system for their own personal selfish benefit.

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    But you take into consideration that maybe the parent is completely unable to properly take care of the child/teen and just wanted them to have a better life

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    Wow, I cant believe that. I feel so damn bad for those kids, god bless em'...

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